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Big Data News: Texas-Based Fraud and Security Firm M-CAT Enterprises Leads the Way with First Inmon-Certified Female Data Scientist Anyck Turgeon

M-CAT expands its digital forensics and business analytics offerings with ground-breaking mastery of textual disambiguation to prevent, detect and resolve white collar schemes while ensuring enterprise growth.


Austin, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/06/2013 --M-CAT Enterprises (M-CAT) today announced CEO and global security expert Anyck Turgeon has become one of twelve Inmon-certified data scientists worldwide. Upon completing Bill Inmon's ground-breaking masters-level course in textual disambiguation over big and other unstructured data, Turgeon is the first certified female data scientist among an elite group of highly sought-after experts. Already uniquely qualified to merge and analyze a vast array of advanced data management solutions and applications, and a certified fraud examiner (CFE), Turgeon can now skillfully parse through up to 80 percent of unutilized corporate data to anticipate, identify and eliminate fraudulent activity and security breaches across the enterprise.

TEXTUAL DISAMBIGUATION RESOLVES A CRITICAL BUSINESS PROBLEM: According to Bill Inmon, the father of data warehousing, standard computing systems are only capable of analyzing 20 percent of entire data set views. Corporate executives and other decision makers are required to render critical decisions daily based on very limited and incomplete data sets. This has been leading large corporations to under-estimate risk and face unpleasant survival decisions as opposed to developing a solid industry leadership posture.

To resolve potential business catastrophes and move beyond today’s limited data analytic views, Inmon, one of the top seven most influential people in the history of computers, has dedicated the past five years of his legendary career to develop textual disambiguation with global big data expert Krish Krishnan. While larger open-source software frameworks like Hadoop enable parallel distributed processing to analyze petabytes of data and can handle clusters of data in native format, it is Inmon's technological discoveries in textual disambiguation that enables big data scientists to access the valuable information captured in unstructured textual data.

Inmon's exclusive group of certified data scientists are the first to possess hands-on expertise in textual disambiguation and are naturally becoming the most sought-after resource in the high tech industry. Turgeon can perform a vast array of complex tasks like decomposing compressed raw data into meaningful data elements, applying contextual taxonomies and ontologies, removing stop words and performing complex analysis.

After successfully deploying data warehousing technologies and noticing their operational usage for 20 years in organizations such as CIBC, CCPEDQ, Scotia Bank, Alcan, General Motors, Nike and Imperial Life, Turgeon quickly saw the benefits in acquiring Inmon’s latest complex training in textual disambiguation. "Implementing textual disambiguation enables enterprises of all sizes to dissect, explore and analyze much larger, compressed and unorganized raw data sets that could not be considered before—in a revolutionary rapid, highly-repetitive and costs-saving manner," explains Turgeon.

In general, corporate executives, managers and investors can now demand and fully expect to be provided with entire data set views and scientific analysis to render better and faster decisions. Enabling CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CISOs and CROs to board members and investors to gain access to four times more customers, market and product or service information, claims Turgeon, can lead to

- Gaining new business offerings, including more compelling and lucrative bundled packages.
- Securing sudden investment growth opportunities.
- Rapidly deploying business model turnarounds for enhanced profitability and market leadership.
- Trending and detecting massive fraudulent schemes by surfacing complex relationships through machine-empowered analysis while avoiding the risks of automated approaches like high rate of false positives.
- Reducing unnecessary corporate costs including fraud and inappropriately measured risks.
- Increasing revenue opportunities of at least 20 percent within as little as two to three years.

Data scientists are already recognized as a rare breed of innovative technologists and can cost between $350 to $1,000 per hour. The multiple benefits international expert Turgeon bring to decision makers can provide such competitive advantages that enterprise should be able to gain substantial return-on-investment within a relatively short period to time and, potentially escalate their Fortune or Global 500 rankings.

M-CAT takes the lead in ensuring the growth of small to large corporations and governments while reducing the costs and liabilities caused by fraud and security challenges.

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