Billionaire Holding Boss Moved the Headquarter to USA

Manuel Ros express its vision realizing a prime Headquarter in the heart of the financial world, FINSOR HOLDING moving into One World Trade Center in New York.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/03/2020 --One of the Italians youngest richest businessman is reportedly to moving its own private financial holding company headquarter to New York around four years after having based its own interests in Switzerland and London.

Manuel Ros, Founder and President of FINSOR HOLDING, which is the sole owner of the entire group including REMAR HOLDING, London based and one of the largest fundraising organization recently developed in Europe, with branches in USA and ASIA.

Mr. Ros, is said to be happy of his decision, seeing in USA all necessary advantage to allow its Group growing without facing to all European laws and multitude criteria who limit companies to grow faster. The billionaire businessman has relocating to USA for business and Geographic reasons, being New York a strategic hub not really far from all cities where its group operating and where he has its personnel interest.

Mr. Manuel Ros, is one of the wealthiest young Italian businessman and is estimate to have amassed over USD 8 Billion fortune after gaining a reputation as one of the world's financial revolutionary, being invented a AAA financial secured investment system backed only by primary bank guarantee with return on interest between 5% AND 40% yearly.