Bio NeatPoint Tampons for Female Health Now Available Online


Palm Springs, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/09/2019 --Standard female tampons are feminine hygiene products designed to absorb the menstrual flow during woman's period. The majority of tampons are made of cotton, or a blend of cotton and rayon for easier use. Such products are available over-the-counter and can be purchased from drogeries, pharmacies, and even online.

NeatPoint differ from the standard tampons - they are designed to treat various female health conditions including vaginal yeast infections, vaginitis, premenstrual pain and various inflammatory processes. Currently, NeatPoint tampons are available online in Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, and Cambodia.
NeatPoint tampons have been released for sale after 3-weeks clinical research, conducted in 2013. 1000 women participated in the study and after this 3-weeks course approximately 90% of the participants observed a significant health improvement, while 60% of them reported a full recovery of gynaecological health.

Enriched with extracts of Kushen, Huáng b?i, Bing Pian, Xue-jie and Cnidium Monnieri, NeatPoint helps to destroy all types of genital fungi and bacteria, thus improving the condition of the vaginal microflora and suppressing the development of pathogenic germs.

Phyto components included in the composition of NeatPoint tampons include phytoncides (natural antibiotics that are effective against a wide range of pathogens, causing inflammatory processes in the urogenital area), antioxidants and antihypoxic elements (which neutralize free radicals and normalize microcirculation in tissues), and phytohormones (support normalization of vaginal flora).

The trend shows that this kind of products will continue to gain popularity worldwide.