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Biodegradable Plastic - BioSphere Releases Liquid Additive Enhancing Biodegradability

Biodegradable plastic additives provided by BioSphere unveils new liquid formulation to enhance the biodegradability of plastic polymers.


Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/22/2013 --Biodegradable plastic additives have been available in the market since the mid to late 90's. BioSphere, a relevantly new organization has developed a new liquid additive that has 13% solid contents and 100% active ingredients to be used in most major polymers. The product was initially developed for companies in Japan, but due to the demand of liquid formulations BioSphere has released their liquid biodegradable plastic additive to all customers worldwide. BioSphere President Mr. Rob Huegli states " Our newest addition to our product portfolio will allow all types of plastic manufacturers to utilize our groundbreaking technology that is priced competitively for the market. Our liquid biodegradable additive is available from $7-12 USD per KG". The liquid biodegradable additive is tailored for the plastic and paper industries.

BioSphere's liquid additive is utilized at 1% by total weight of the final product and is easily mixed with many different polymer types, including polyurethanes. The biodegradable additive has a low viscosity, high heat thermostability and is clear, allowing for multiple different avenues for end uses.

BioSphere biodegradable plastic additives is available through distribution and direct to manufacturers where no distribution exists. BioSphere is working with some of the largest corporations around the globe providing them alternatives to current technologies.

About BioSphere
BioSphere Plastic is the leading company for technology in the biodegradable plastic additive marketplace. Offering the most competitive environmental solutions for biodegradable plastic. BioSphere offers their products in three different forms powder, pellets and liquid formulations. The company was formed in 2012 and has seen biodegradation up to 5 times faster than competition allowing some plastics to biodegrade in under a year.

BioSphere biodegradable plastic additive is used to enhance the biodegradation of plastic materials by addition of 1% by weight of any of the three types of additives. BioSphere additive has been formulated to work in most major polymers and is currently being used in deli containers, grocery bags, waste bags, dog waste bags and a myriad of other products.

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