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Biography Details Waking from Coma, Healing Trauma with Dreams


Vermillion, SD -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/09/2019 --Pronounced dead at the scene of a motorcycle accident, 18 year old Nadia Bijaoui spent the next three months in a deep vegetative coma. Then, to the surprise of everyone but her mother, Nadia woke up. Now, 50 years later, Dr. Bijaoui has released The Other Side of the Curtain. This new autobiography details both the otherworldly experience of a deep coma and the steps which finally brought her to a deeper understanding of self.

What was her key to overcoming PTSD and the wide range of buried traumas? Dr. Bijaoui began to evaluate her dreams, some of them profoundly prophetic. Using both cutting-edge science and her own experience, she explains how dream analysis can peel back even decade old layers of anxiety. Follow the author on her journey of recovery as she shares the lessons that brought her peace and comprehension.

Available online and in print from WNB publishing, The Other Side of the Curtain is both an incredible true story and a potential way forward for those suffering from persistent anxiety. In the words of the author, "Dreaming is beautiful! It's an intriguing blend of surrealism and science, it's the secret key to our higher self."

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