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New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/17/2016 --The internet used to offer a level playing field once. Large and small companies all had almost the same chance of reaching out to customers, attracting internet traffic, and getting leads or customers.

But all that has changed now. With growing competition, businesses now have to optimize their websites for the search engines to achieve good ranks. That means doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), including Pay Per Click advertising, and also SMM (Social Media Marketing).

These are costly propositions for the average business, but it's easy for the big firms since they have the resources and financial power. So the internet isn't offering the level playing field it used to do once. You cannot do most of these things in-house. It is essential to hire trained professionals and they naturally cost a lot of money.

But that is changing, thanks to

That is wonderful news for all small and mid-sized businesses that want to boost their web presence, receive more internet traffic and find customers. is changing the way online marketing works. Thanks to their free business listings service, both B2B and B2C companies can now get online quickly and be found by their hot prospects who can eventually turn into paying customers.

There are several categories in Biphoo's local business directory, such as health, real estate, automobiles, travel, restaurant, legal, jobs, and dating among others. Just select the right category and list your business online. It is that simple. gets a lot of internet promote business online eyeballs, so you can be sure that your business will get the online traffic it needs to be successful.

The result is almost immediate. Traffic begins to come in as soon as the business is listed in this free business listing site. Since its, free, companies can save money, and all that trouble of the technicalities of online promotions. Biphoo's free business directory listing is just the right service. It is just what the businesses need.

There is sure to be a marked difference, because every business needs to focus on lead generation. Companies are always trying to get noticed and do everything they can to promote business online. Advertising and marketing costs money, whether it is online or offline. Every business no matter what its size has to spend this for promotions. Sometimes, it is a lot of money too. What is remarkable and of great benefit to the businesses is that, Biphoo's listing service is absolutely free.

For a little investment, you can also get a microsite for your business done at That is easy as well. All have to do is can select from many model sites that are already there and add content to it. They can also upload the content for you if you so prefer. Content includes all the details of your business, information about your offers, contact information, and pictures. Or you can ask Biphoo for a custom-designed site for your business.

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Biphoo is always providing its users an "experience" that has constantly been a vital part of advertising and marketing, and this has never been even truer before free business listing across different platforms. Products that succeed are the ones that provide not just a product, but to set a culture beyond.