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Biphoo: The Top Places Your Business Needs to Be Listed Online


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/29/2016 --The internet has revolutionized the concept of a marketplace. It has redefined the way people sell and buy goods and services. E-marketplaces or online marketplaces have emerged as popular platforms now where people are coming together to buy and sell. Of course, there is direct buying. But there are other activities too that have become popular, and they are very important too.

For instance, businesses are now using these online marketplaces to build their databases, which are so important, and generate leads.

There was a time when businesses, large and small, had to participate in trade shows to showcase their offerings and capabilities, and generate leads. These are still important. But their reach largely remains limited to within the community or country. With online B2B marketplaces, on the other hand, a business can potentially reach the world, and at a lesser price too. These marketplaces put your business on the cloud, breaking geographical barriers.

Take for instance the local business directory of In this free business listing site, you can easily add information about your business, and edit it later if required. There is a free business support forum too. To get started, all you have to do is just list your business online. Once done, your website and business with all offers and other details will be exposed to potential clients from around the world, including the US.

So soon enough, your business could be generating leads from the United States, and other faraway lands, which is a dream for many local players as they rarely have the financial power to advertise on Google and other places.

Once you sign up, you can put up a full-page advertisement of your business. You can keep the advertisement for as many years as you please.

It's the perfect opportunity for sellers, business people, marketers, and entrepreneurs. Biphoo is a free business listings website as well, which is even better. There are paid listings too at the online directory, apart from the free listings service of Biphoo.

With paid or free business listings online at the site, your business could soon generate a lot of sales leads through better web visibility. Biphoo can also search engine friendly create a free microsite for you where you can put up all the information you want. Just select from a design, or have one custom-made for your unique needs.

About Biphoo
The free business listings at saves time, costs, advertises the business, brings in leads, and improves sales volumes. It makes the business more productive. This is why the website has become so popular in such a short time. Experts have predicted that more than 86 percent of the world's population is going to use the internet to search and find goods and services within the next few years. With free business directory listings, you can potentially reach them all. The opportunities for a business are thus tremendous. It's never been better actually. is the perfect gateway that opens up the entire world as a market.