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New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/23/2016 --Biphoo announces the launch of a new listing system at the company's site at Biphoo. The new system will make it easier than ever to take advantage of Biphoo free Business listings, streamlining the process so that many hopeful sellers will be able to get their own websites listed in minutes. Biphoo is one of the leading marketplaces for websites and online businesses, listing high-quality properties across 30 categories, offers free listings, and does not charge success fees.

As consumers around the world move more and more of their shopping and service-seeking online, the trade in established online businesses is heating up. Even sites with relatively little in the way of traffic at the time of listing can often be worth a substantial amount of money to the right buyer, since they may have inherent potential that experienced people are capable of identifying and realizing.

Recognizing that buyers and sellers of websites and online businesses were not being served as well as they could be, Biphoo launched business listing site to remedy that problem. Unlike virtually every other similar service,Biphoo charges no listing fees and also does not charge fees on successful sales.

Furthermore, listings at Biphoo can run until they sell or for as long as sellers want, and these offers are featured individually on the company's home page on a rotating basis, exposure that can make a big difference when it comes to finding buyers.

In addition to offering the industry's most generous and effective listings and website marketplace, Biphoo also provides a number of other valuable services. Biphoo also offers Promote event online and assistance with listing design, search engine optimization, website development, and other services that can often prove to be a big help to website buyers and sellers.

The new listing system that has just launched is aimed at making this unbeatable package of offerings even more attractive to those looking to sell a website or online business. It guides sellers through a series of simple steps that will ensure that all of the necessary and relevant information is acquired, leading quickly to informative, high-impact free listings. Those interested can learn more at

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