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New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/20/2016 --The healthcare industry is currently in transition. More and more doctors are now realizing the need for efficient marketing to spread their names and awareness about their services and qualifications. This is why you will find advertisements of healthcare professionals in newspapers, and even on those roadside hoardings or billboards.

There is email marketing, SMS marketing, and service listing for healthcare professionals too. They will do everything possible to spread the word. There is a huge list of healthcare organizations and professionals who have taken to marketing.

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Patients too are using new ways to find doctors. They are depending on non-traditional sources, such as the internet, for example.

One reason for this is the migration patterns. Many professionals have moved to new cities, because the new home offers better job prospects. However, they have limited knowledge of the new city, and are thus using the internet and apps to find a variety of things and services, such as doctors, schools, and even restaurants and entertainment.

There is growing competition in the healthcare sector too, at least in the big cities. Just do a search on Google for the keyword "ophthalmologists in Bangalore" – you will find 3,29,000 results displayed. With so many options to choose from, it is difficult for a new ophthalmologist to find a constant flow of new patients. You really cannot blame a new ophthalmologist when he tries every new marketing technique to boost his service.

Most healthcare professionals, however, are not marketing savvy. They don't know how to advertise in Google or improve the web visibility of their websites. So they are always asking how to make the marketing more efficient.

online business directory

There is finally some good news for all healthcare professionals. A new service,, has made it much easier for them to take their services online and reach out to a wider segment of the population. is an online directory where medical professionals can list their services free of cost. The directory receives a lot of web traffic, so the professionals can expect good visibility and leads.

There is a premium paid listing service as well. The listing for healthcare costs a fraction of the high fees of traditional advertising. So that's a viable option too.

About Biphoo is also allowing healthcare professionals without a website to have their own microsites. It's easy, quick, and cheap. Just select a design, and upload your content. You can upload details like your chamber timings, contact information, practice areas, qualification, certifications, and others. You may also encourage your patients to leave feedback if you want.

Biphoo can do the uploading as well if you are not able to do it yourself, or don't have the time for this. Not happy with the model designs? Biphoo can create a custom design for your medical practice as well.

Take a look at the list of healthcare organizations who have already registered at the online business directory. You will find medical professionals from around the world listed at Biphoo. Marketing can only help your practice. So get started today.