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Birmingham 5K Race: Xtreme Air Inflatable 5k Obstacle Race Comes to Birmingham, AL

Birmingham is gearing up to host a unique and exciting 5k inflatable obstacle race on April 9, 2016


Birmingham, AL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/22/2016 --5K racers and sports enthusiasts of all fitness levels in the Birmingham-Hoover-Montevallo area are in for a treat when the University of Montevallo hosts l the inaugural l Birmingham 5k Xtreme Air Inflatable 5k Obstacle Race on Saturday, April 9, 2016. This promises to be a Birmingham 5k race unlike any the college town has ever seen– instead of a boring, traditional 5k race where racers simply run on a trail, participants in this 5k run will get to climb, slide, laugh, and bounce their way through twelve giant inflatable obstacles while enjoying the most fun workout of their lives. The course is open to racers of all ages and fitness levels, and spectators get into the event for free, making this the perfect event for athletes, enthusiasts, and anyone who simply wants to enjoy a unique, fresh experience!

Racers will never look at 5k runs in Birmingham the same way after experiencing the thrills and chills of the giant inflatable obstacles of Xtreme Air 5k! Participants get to embark on the same type of oversized fun featured on popular gladiator television shows and video games, experiencing a unique set of challenges up close and personal in real life. Everyone who participates in the Birmingham Xtreme Air 5k run will have the time of their lives as they laugh their way through three-story plus high climbing challenges, squirm and shimmy their way through mazes of inflatable forests, and dodge giant swinging giant balls as they tackle the inimitable Gauntlet. This is one day of fun everyone can enjoy!

The race course will be laid out over several dozen acres of the beautiful campus of University of Montevallo, located conveniently near Birmingham in picturesque Montevallo, AL. The campus is a marvel of sustainable beauty where visitors can stroll through any one of the many verdant fields throughout the campus, or relax on the scenic beauty of Flowerhill's lawn. After the race course closes, racers and spectators can get up close and personal with wildlife at the college's Ebenezer Swamp, just six miles from campus, to visit beavers, turkeys, and other wildlife in their natural environment.

Unlike other obstacle races that are designed to stress elite athletes to their limit, the giant inflatable obstacles in the Birmingham Xtreme Air 5k race are designed to be fun and safe for people of all ages and fitness levels to enjoy. When run at full speed, the inflatable 5k obstacle course provides a strenuous workout that will challenge elite warrior racers to do their best. Taken at a more relaxed pace, Xtreme Air 5k delivers family-friendly, bouncy fun perfect for even young racers to enjoy. Safety is never a concern - all of the obstacles are made from industrial-strength materials and securely fastened to the ground with high strength steel alloy stakes and heavy retention straps. The tallest obstacles even feature fine mesh netting as an extra safety measure, making this race the perfect place to spend a day of family fun!

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Racers can register for the Birmingham Xtreme Air 5k Obstacle Race through the convenient online site until midnight on Friday, April 8, 2016, the night before the race. Uber-athletes can opt for an All Access Pass that allows racers to participate in any and all waves, so they can challenge themselves to the ultimate workout! Xtreme Air loves first responders, who enjoy a 25% discount when they sign up for the race. Special discounted prices are also available for group registration, so racers can maximize their fun by collecting their family, friends, and co-workers to run as a team.

Racers are encouraged to pick up their packets the day before the race to ensure a smooth race day experience; those who choose to wait should plan on arriving an hour before their wave. Participants who have already claimed their packets will still want to arrive before their wave so after they navigate parking, check-in and rent a locker if they want one, they will still have enough time to stretch, and check out the Xtreme Expo before their wave begins. Racers should note, they must bring a valid photo ID to check-in.

The Birmingham Xtreme Air 5k Inflatable Obstacle Race promises an enjoyable experience like no other! College students looking for a unique fun activity, family fun seekers out to enjoy a bonding experience, and elite athlete warriors looking for a challenging workout - come join the Birmingham Xtreme Air 5k on April 9, 2016 for the most thrilling, insanely fun run the area has ever experienced!

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About Xtreme Air 5K
As more and more Americans grow bored of the common, conventional runs and marathons that litter the country, there has been a growing demand for a more engaging, entertaining style of run that gives its competitors a chance to blow off-steam and fool around. However, the majority of the obstacle course runs that have sprung up often tout themselves as being elite athletic competitions or pride themselves on being grueling feats pain and endurance. The Xtreme Air 5k breaks free from the norm of obstacle courses by prioritizing one thing above all else - that participants have the most FUN ever imagined! ! The Xtreme Air 5K custom inflatable obstacle courses are designed to be suitable for people of all age ranges and levels of fitness to have a blast on!