Biweekly Report (November 01 — November 15)


Zurich, Switzerland -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/18/2020 --Section 1: ZB Trends
1.On November 14, released an APP update with version number 5.1.0. It is reported that this version is optimized for's built-in ecological application cluster ZAPP, visual UI and operating experience, and strives to give users the most convenient, fast, safe and comprehensive operating experience.

Section 2: Platform Trends
1.On November 6, launched the Zillion mining pool Filecoin full storage computing power leasing product. Users can participate through ZAPP in the APP. Filecoin full storage computing power leasing product is the Filecoin computing power business launched by Zillion mining pool. Zillion mining pool was established in April 2020 and focuses on Filecoin mining. Currently, the total computing power ranks among the top ten in the world. Filecoin full storage computing power leasing products do not require pledge, and do not need to be sealed for 90 days. According to the current Filecoin mining income is about 0.21FIL/T per day, the static income of 1T in one year is estimated to be 0.21*365*80%=61FIL, and the currency will be credited daily according to Filecoin's official release rules. (The specific income is subject to the actual income issued)

2.On November 6, supports Staking mining of DIP (Deipool). Users can participate in DIP coin deposit mining on official website or APP, and add their own DIP to coin deposit mining. (According to DIP's staking rules, it takes 7 days to withdraw). The DIP assets deposited by users generate workload once an hour, and the system counts the workload of the previous 24 hours at 12 noon every day and distributes revenue.

3.On November 9, launched FOMP (Fompound). Fompound is committed to using blockchain technology to build a decentralized financial aggregator in the IPFS field, including but not limited to investing in the provision of computing power in the IPFS field. Fompound uses different asset package ownership certificates such as FOM-A to FOM-J to invest in installments, thereby increasing the rate of return and reducing the value of risk. Fompound will use DEF pledge plus liquidity mining to generate platform equity and governance token FOMP. Through the investment from FOM-A to FOM-J in phases and batches, aggregate benefits will be generated for FOMP, thereby enhancing the value of FOMPOUND's project and establishing its leading position in the industry.

4.On November 11, supported the "FOMP holding, QFIL airdrop" activity. According to the official announcement, will take a snapshot of users' FOMP assets in accounts at 17:00 (UTC+8) on the day of the airdrop in accordance with the official FOMP airdrop rules. After receiving QFIL, will distribute QFIL rewards to user accounts based on the snapshot.

5.On November 13, released the solution for the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) fork upgrade. The Bitcoin Cash network will undergo a hard fork upgrade at 20:00 (UTC+8) on November 15, 2020, because the BCHN solution has absolute advantages. According to community and user feedback, has released this solution. For details, please consult the official announcement of

Section 3: Operation Trends
1.At 19:30 on November 2nd, the online live broadcast with the theme "How Dawn Empowers the E-sports Industry and Benefits Game Lovers" was successfully launched on the APP's 10,000-person hot chat group. This live broadcast invites Dawn CEO Joe Zhou and Dawn CTO Mikko Ohtamaa to share with Jessica, Business Director of ZB Group.

2.At 16:00 on November 4th, CEO Omar was invited to participate in the live broadcast of "Golden Baijia Tan | Security Watch: How CEX Builds a Safe Haven for User Assets", which was successfully launched in the Golden Finance Golden Baijia Tan live broadcast room. In the live show, Omar revealed the wallet security mechanism of Omar said that the wallet uses a combination of cold storage and isolation from hot and cold. The vast majority of system funds are stored in offline cold wallets, and only about 0.5% of encrypted assets are stored in hot wallets for daily platform operation. To provide further protection, encrypted wallets cannot be accessed from the platform or platform servers. Among them, offline cold wallets are the top priority of each exchange's security, and has a total of 7 senior managers (all outside mainland China) who control the cold wallet private keys and adopt a multi-signature mechanism. There is no single person who can control the private keys and funds, which can greatly reduce the black swan incident that occurs on a certain exchange.

3.At 17:00 on November 9th, the live broadcast with the theme "How to start the FIL super mining airdrop with Fomp" was successfully launched in the popular chat group of APP. This live broadcast invites Fompound China partners to share with Jessica, Business Director of ZB Group.

4.At 20:00 on November 13, the online live broadcast with the theme "Deipool New Head Mine VS DIP Deposit and Mining" was successfully launched in the APP 10,000 hot chat group. This live broadcast invited Deipool Chief Technical Advisor Henry to share with Jessica, Business Director of ZB Group.

Section 4: Other Trends
1.On November 14, officially released the third issue of the blockchain science column titled " DeFi lending and DEX ".