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Biz Value Appraisers LTD Specializes in Forensic Accounting in New York City and New York County, New York

Biz Value Appraisers LTD has been established to provide a high level of forensic accounting service in New York City and New York County, New York.


Greenlawn, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/28/2018 --In the current dynamic business scene, there is a vast area that covers a lot of complications, especially in the space of accounting and finance. Relevant facts are required to identify the truth. The simple method to address this is to gather evidence to differentiate the truth from doubt. This is where the need for forensic accountants arises.

Biz Value Appraisers LTD, a reputable accounting firm, ranks among the most significant business valuation associations in the country, providing a forensic accounting in New York City and New York County, New York.

At BIZ Value Appraisers, they can investigate the suspicious areas and collect appropriate evidence to remove any confusion and suspicion from real facts. They have a sharp eye to examine and analyze a given situation. They have been providing forensic accounting services to almost all types of companies, such as financial organizations, law firms, government institutions, insurance companies, equity firms, corporate counsel, venture capitalists, top management of companies, etc.

The team comprises investigation professionals data mining and forensic experts, examiners of fraud and fraudulent activities, interviewers of witnesses and testifiers, CPAs, and professionals who are good at collecting and documenting evidence and facts.

The experts are well versed in addressing several types of non-compliance issues in the space of accounting and financial services. Apart from resolving existing issues with minimum business disruption, they also recommend measures to be taken by the company to avoid a similar situation in the future.

At BIZ Value Appraisers, the professionals have extensive experience in conducting fraud investigations. They have also delivered investigation services for cases of embezzlement and employee thefts, issues related to lending to customers by financial institutions, instances of problems related to cash management and building in medical and dental companies, probing cases of fiduciary's use or misuse of funds and more.

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