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BizValue Helps Uncover Possible Fraud with Forensic Accounting in Raleigh NC and Long Island NY

In business, partners can become enemies overnight. Forensic accounting is one such method which is used to gather accounting facts required to deal with financial and valuation issues.


Greenlawn, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/25/2017 --Forensic accounting is a method that deals with the application of accounting facts collected through auditing methods and procedures of legal problems usually dealing with financial and valuation issues. Unlike traditional auditing, forensic accounting is the investigation of an allegation. The evidence is supposed to be presented in legal court. At BizValue, Ltd, special emphasis is placed on gathering evidence which is to be presented in court.

Forensic Accounting in Raleigh NC and Long Island NY is particularity divided into two categories - litigation support and investigation or fraud accounting. This is where a forensic accountant can help. They share their opinion on facts and information that can be of huge help to the legal team. The investigations that involve fraud and are associated with criminal matters requires an investigative accounting assignment to be performed.

At BizValue, Ltd, they offer an independent unbiased, a variety of solutions for those who are seeking business or personal services. With their professional's legal background, they work full-time with law firms, corporate attorneys, insurance companies, private practitioners, and judges as well as corporate officials and those in charge of governance. The firm enjoys the expertise to cover the entire litigation process, from pre-filing to settlement or trial. The experts are committed to helping one clarify complex financial matters in an organized and efficient manner.

They can understand and recognize the internal and external factors that can greatly affect the value of the business. In business, it's possible that business partners might become enemies overnight - which often makes it difficult for the business to survive. At BizValue, Ltd, the experts try to resolve such issues and help level the playing field under the states' fair value statutes or business corporation law.

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BizValue, Ltd. is a middle-market accounting & business consultancy firm with offices in NYC and on Long island. They are an affiliate of the National Business Valuation Group which, with over 20 offices throughout the United States, ranks among the largest business valuation associations in the country.