Black Owned New York Based Electronic Dance Music Record Label Makes History with the Release of Its 1st Compilation Album, Hard Floor Vol. 1

UNKNY (UNKUNVENTIONAL NEW YORK) establishes it's as the world's 1st and leading black owned Electronic Dance Music record label, based right out of New York City, with the release of it's first compilation album, "Hard Floor Vol. 1". Read Now.


Bronx, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/07/2016 --New York City based EDM Record Label, UNKNY (@unknyofficial), has established itself as the first and the leading black owned Electronic Dance Music Record Label with the release of it's first compilation album "Hard Floor Vol. 1" under a new music genre entitled "Black Electronic Dance Music" featuring black and minority recording artists and DJs, from New York City, adding their unique voices to the EDM industry.

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"I've always loved electronic dance music and I've spent much of my New York City time in the hottest EDM night clubs. I always saw how diverse the dance floor was, but I also wondered why there weren't more Black & Hispanic DJs coming into EDM. Our culture loves it, the people love it, I love it, and I felt I had to fill the void." says UNKNY CEO Eyan Edwards
The electronic dance music market is worth an estimated $6 to 7 billion dollars annually and still growing. With about a 12% market share, Black consumers represent nearly a billion dollar niche. While most EDM talent still pours out of Europe, US recording artists are adding successful EDM records to the genre and making a mark.

Market numbers show EDM growing rapidly in America, with the Black audience expected to swell at a similar pace. Black DJ's, however, haven't hit their stride yet. According to a recent industry article by (reviewing a recent DJ Mag's "top 100" list) 79% of the top 100 EDM DJs on the list were European and the USA accounted for fewer than 10% of the list. The study broke down race and gender as well, with much more lopsided results. Only 3% of the list was female and 94% of the list was white.

"I don't want people to get this confused at all. This is not a Black vs. White thing. Obviously, I love anyone who is willing to support great music, especially our music. This is more about diversifying the music space and putting our 'swag' on a genre that we truly love." Says Edwards.

Without UNKNY having even released their first full length album, UNKNY ("Unkunventional New York") has already inked deals with Getty Images Music, Aquarius Records in Croatia, and a distribution deal through Hitman Records/Universal Canada. Several cuts from the company's new album are rotating in NYC night clubs such as PHD, Marquee Night Club and more.

"I exclusively licensed my records 'Only One In Love', 'Purge My Soul', and 'You Get Me High' to UNKNY because we both have the same vision as to how needed and how major it will be to have more talented Black DJs & producers in the EDM market." said multi-platinum selling hip-hop producer turned recording artist, Lionel Bermingham, now known as Lionel B. "This album is unique not only because we are bringing you 'Black electronic dance music', but because we are also showcasing a new budding sound coming from New York City's hottest emerging talent. I think EDM needs this and I think the world will love us for Hard Floor Vol. 1. Make sure you pre-order it today."

Pre-order "Hard Floor Vol. 1" on Barnes and Nobles website by clicking this link.