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Black Son and Father Give S.T.E.M. Heart and Soul


Carmel, IN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/21/2020 --While families sheltered in place and socially isolated during the beginning of the Pandemic, an African American son and father set out to do something they long dreamt of doing together. Naeem and Nathaniel collaborated on a new children's book titled 'The Amazing World of STEM.'

STEM, short for Stuart Tyson Elmo Morgan, is a character loosely based on Naeem's unique childhood. The Amazing World of STEM is a diverse book that Naeem, who is a Santa Clara University Electrical Engineering alum and third-year Carnegie Mellon University Electrical and Computer Engineering Ph.D. candidate, would have loved to read as a child. The Amazing World of STEM brings to life the kind of world father, Nathaniel, an author, TED Speaker and Parenting & Education Activist, wished existed for his son and all children.

The son and father duo believe that almost every child, especially children of color, spend a portion of their childhood searching unsuccessfully for a worthy hero, wanting desperately to look up to and believe in someone. But, not enough children are taught the real secret about heroes: there is no need to search for a hero outside of oneself.

There is a hero inside all of us. Stuart Tyson Elmo Morgan, a burgeoning engineer, and humanitarian, knows this exceptionally well. STEM shows children of all ages that it's possible to be anything you want to be: a scientist, technologist, engineer, or mathematician – a real-life hero.

Nathaniel says, "The Amazing World of STEM illustrates what's possible when we prepare children for the future and make sure they are ready to lead the way." Naeem sums up STEM this way "STEM is a lot like me, a child of color, a bourgeoning engineer who wants nothing more than to make his parents and community proud."

The Amazing World of STEM is the perfect book for any child who is intellectually ambitious, globally, and culturally curious, and compassionate. Co-authors, son and father, Naeem K. Turner-Bandele and Nathaniel A. Turner, JD, MALS crafted a picture book illustrated by Keva M. Richardson that exemplifies and promotes diversity, the best of humanity, and science, technology, engineering, and math.

Children of all ages needing a reminder about the power of love, the imaginative spirit of a child, and the universal importance of preparing children to change the world should add 'The Amazing World of STEM' to their must-read book list.

'The Amazing World of STEM' goes on sale, September 28, 2020. For more information, contact the publisher, Two Crabs and a Lion, at