Blackbora Is Back with Trendy Mobile Covers

Mobiles have become an integral part of the civilisation. However, these are expensive devices and comparatively fragile. It is necessary to protect them from instant damages. Blackbora is a new and unique mobile cover seller that is concentrating their efforts towards providing best in class protection without compromising on their style statement.


Delhi, India -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/05/2019 --With the vast number of necessities that they serve, phones have become a need in the modern way of life. From entertainment to payment services, they are threatening to make your TVs and wallets obsolete.

Online shopping is the new craze among youngsters and elders alike. Statistics show that 62% of all smartphone users in the world have made a purchase through the device. The degree of convenience that e-commerce platforms provide to the users is unparalleled and unseen before.

Phone covers are a necessity if you own a smartphone. They protect your expensive device from external damages and outside elements like dust and water. Outdoor elements like dust and moisture cause extensive damage to your phone. Blackbora is making durable phone covers that provide comprehensive protection against physical damage and dirt.

Smartphones are susceptible to a lot of damage. A technician, when asked, stated that the smart devices get damaged in various ways. From Simple slip from hand to being crushed under cars, mobile phones are very much prone to sudden and unforeseen demise.

The CEO has announced, "We are making covers not only to protect but also to make these devices reflect your ideals."

It is a fact that this e-commerce market place has some of the most unique, fresh and beautiful phone covers to offer. They range from neutral topics like minimalistic koala designs to opinionated feminism based models. Motivational quotes are also in high demand right now. Blackbora sales executive say, "Motivational quotes are selling like hotcakes, and that make us quite happy. It shows that people like it and our ideals here at Blackbora are resonating with our beloved consumers."

The best part about the platform is that they have a very open policy about buying art from freelance artists. There is no doubt that they have got some very talented and creative minds behind their artwork. This makes Blackbora one of the most popular Online Shop for Stylish Mobile Cases.

About Blackbora
Blackbora is a unique market place not just for art lovers, but for artists as well. It is selling designs that are expressive and quirky. From pop culture references ranging from the Marvel universe to Hogwarts, the company buys art from local and talented artists and uses them on their products. However, when the company was started in 2016, it was a t-shirt only web store. With time they diversified and deviated towards specialising in mobile phone covers.