Blackstone Artists Management

Blackstone Launches "The Co-Lab"


Santa Monica, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/12/2016 --At a Wednesday launch event, Blackstone Artists Management announced the creation of the "Blackstone Co-Lab". A collaborative incubator with one sole purpose - supporting show creators and writers in the development of their new TV shows.

"The Blackstone Co-Lab merely provides the lattice work - upon which our creators can hang their ideas. Within this supportive environment, the creators, and their teams take it from there", said Jonathan Bell, the head of the company.

After 6 months of incubation, Blackstone extends a handful of invitations to their 'day of first-looks'. The projects are spotlighted and presented at the "Co-Lab Combine". Sort of like the NFL combine, but for TV and video content. The invitees see the presentations, before anyone else in the entertainment industry.

Hiroshi Masamane (of Ishiguro Capital) referenced in his intro, the fact that the Co-Lab is already in the beta-test phase with streaming and crowdfunding sites  —  specifically for Blackstone projects. At the launch, many postulated, those new technologies will be the focus of Blackstone's next launch event in the autumn.

Mr. Masamane commented, "We're impressed with the business plan, strategy, and vision for the scalable growth of Blackstone. Assembling a nest of sister sites, that offer many entryways into one big streaming space - this is a smart strategy."

Identifying fresh voices, that appeal to international audiences, Blackstone is attracted to stories that take people to the limits of human experience, and the storytellers who can take us there.

"The crazy ones are always the innovators, and they push stories, technology, and genres to the next level. I have a deep affection for the people we work with, and I believe no great endeavor - no great collaboration - can succeed without this key ingredient", Mr. Bell emphasized during his splashy, center-piece, digital presentation for the industry crowd.

Currently, working with clients on the development of 8 TV pilots and a feature film, Mr. Bell concluded the launch festivities by saying, "Our primary goal is to unite our storytellers with their audience — not a brand, but rather a bond — moving forward together — building careers with longevity. The Blackstone Co-Lab is — simply put — their personal launch pad."

Gabriella Roth
Director of Marketing