BladeButter Launches New Products with Rave Reviews

NutroGenix, the makers of BladeButter, announces the launch of two additions to their flagship Soak product. Soak, the razor oil extraordinare that extends the life of a razor while giving the closest shave possible, welcomes Slather and Roll to its now travel-friendly family of shaving products.


Odessa, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/28/2014 --Leave it to a resourceful marketing guy in need of a close shave to create a product that redefines butter and shaving products in one fell swoop. Matt Green, founder of NutroGenix and creator of BladeButter, announces the launch of two new products to his already popular all-natural, nano razor oil line. Much like BladeButter’s flagship product Soak the newest razor oils, Slather and Roll, are formulated to extend the life of a razor and help keep skin smooth. They do it however, in a new travel-friendly approach.

Using nano-filtration technology the oil in BladeButter’s Soak, Slather or Roll becomes the “little oil that could” to extend the life of a blade, give a close shave, and help repair the skin. Finally, a guilt-free butter.

While Soak was developed to allow consumers to rest their razor in a jar of the all-natural oil swathed in natural astringents, the two new products have a different approach. With Slather consumers can use a travel-sized pump container, and with Roll they can apply the oil directly to the blade in the shower. Soak, Slather and Roll are available in Gold for men and Pink for women. Upping the ante on how to shave Gold contains higher percentages of skin repair ingredients while Pink contains more moisturizing oil.

Receiving raves from publications like Good Housekeeping and online resources like The Gloss, EdgeOnTheNet, and Thrillist, BladeButter is a regular success. Thrillist notes, “Hate spending a fortune on razors? Then you're in luck, because BladeButter is a "nano lube" that harnesses "molecular filtration technology" to extend the life of your razor five-fold.” While Good Housekeeping quotes a happy BladeButter user, “Usually my razors dull after a few shaves, but when I use the BladeButter it makes my razor feel brand new again.”

So how does it go, necessity is the mother of invention? So says Green who, due to one morning’s dilemma of facing a shave with just soap and water, found a good use for an oil waiting patiently on his office shelf. The oil, now affectionately known now as “Oil #3”, had been a part of another all-natural product’s forced-filtration experiment. A part that hadn’t yet seen the light of day. Green adds, “We couldn’t use the oil to solve a sticky protein bar issue because its penetration was so intense. It sat on my shelf for two years but that morning, it gave me the closest shave I’d ever had. I kept using it and then my razors started lasting longer. I knew I was on to something.”

About NutroGenix BladeButter
NutroGenix was founded by Matt Green and is based in Odessa, Florida. The company’s flagship product is BladeButter. BladeButter is a razor oil that serves as a razor saver and healing agent for skin. The product comes in Gold for men and Pink for women and is available in three applications called Soak, Slather and Roll.

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