Vista Fintech

Blockchain Startup VISTA Fintech Launches a New Financial Application for Decentralized in Investment Service

Traditional Financial Infrastructure Will Be Broken By New Technology


Vancouver, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/13/2017 --By creating an innovative investment service based on blockchain, VISTA Fintech offers a golden opportunity for investors in financial activities ever. The traditional financial infrastructure is fading and the globe is ready to embrace the new financial age.

Traditional trade processes within assets is sluggish, complicated and risky when reconciling and matching. Transaction records are kept by every parties involved in different aspects which is lack of efficient and riddled with errors. This undesirable condition is apparently more noticeable for international transaction of non-standard investment products.

Blockchain technology simplifies trading process by utilizing a fully-automated trading protocol which promotes openness, transparency and accuracy. Synchronized trading data are accessible to every parties in the transaction. This substantial infrastructural is anticipating a cost savings, effective, risk-free, minimal reconciliation and the potential removal of intermediaries.

Compliance of local regulator in customer identification is a very painful work for financial institutions across the world. This process is incredibly time consuming and labor intensive which is very primitive comparing to nowadays world technology pace. Blockchain technology could provide a digital unique source of ID information which allowing for the seamless exchange of documents between banks and external agencies. This creates a flawless protocol for account opening and verifying which is unprecedented in global financial activities.

About VISTA Fintech
VISTA Fintech is ambitious in redefining financial activities by introducing this decentralized investment service. However, in this new financial application, blockchain is still a very young technology and unfamiliar to investors. The reliability and security still needs some time to be validated.