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Blockchain+A.I. , Why Can HAI Achieve Breakthroughs

HAI achieve breakthroughs


Beijing, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/13/2019 --The field of artificial intelligence has attracted much attention in recent years, but also ushered in a period of rapid development. Artificial intelligence training is essentially a simulation of human learning process, and arithmetic, data and algorithm are the three elements of artificial intelligence model training. However, there are many problems behind the rapid development, such as the opacity of information, the lack of computing power, the difficulty of combining related industries.

Currently, companies mainly owning their servers or purchasing computing power on the centralized cloud computing platform. In many artificial intelligence enterprises, nearly 10% to 30% of the financing amount will be put into the computing power resources construction. This is a heavy burden on the enterprise, which restricts the investment of technology research and development. The huge cost also limits the opportunity for the vast majority of practitioners to enter, and the computing power of artificial intelligence is concentrated in the hands of the traditional internet companies. The addition of large-scale enterprises makes many small and medium Enterprises under more and more pressure?losing the voice of the market, forming the stronger the strong and the weaker the weak.

The battle of artificial intelligence is inevitable, but there is a "Spoiler". This is the HAI chain,a new generation of artificial intelligent computing power flow and distribution block chain, and is committed to solving the computing power demand encountered by human to the artificial intelligence process, Speed up the cross-area flow of resources and the more convenient preparation of integrated de-centralized artificial intelligence applications, so that the application of artificial intelligence is perfectly integrated, so that more enterprises and individuals can have their own computing power.

In the HAI system, the computing power part occupies the important position, therefore, the HAI block chain will be allocated to the huge share of the TOKEN incentive to the computing power providers, and the computing power requester also needs to pay a certain amount of TOKEN to obtain the computing power from the network. All requirements and transactions run entirely on the block chain, and all data and transactions are public and transparent, immutable, and permanently stored.

The demand for computing power in the AI industry has grown by 300,000 times over the last 6 years, with an average double of every 100 days. According to the current trend, the gap of the computing power is difficult to make up for. Because of this huge demand and the big trend in the future, we have reason to believe that with the expansion of the A.I. industry, such a block chain system will be able to participate in, and will attract more and more users , and become an important pillar of the AI industry.

In recent years, as technology continues to evolve, block chains, artificial intelligence and other technologies have been the focus of attention. HAI combines block chain technology, intelligent contract, data sharing with the deep accumulation of AI computing power industry and the construction of intelligent contract data platform to provide a compliance and open technology integration test field for large data, artificial intelligence and other fields.HAI will bring new features to the application and development of A.I . We look forward to the great era of HAI.