Body Part People Dry First After Showering Reveals Most About Their Personality

The body part people routinely dry off first after taking a shower reveals more about their personality than anything else, according to "life-liver expert" and comedian Buster Guru.


Elgin, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/13/2013 --The body part people normally dry first after showering reveals the most about their personality type, a new report by "life-liver expert" and comedian Buster Guru reveals.

In a study conducted by watching what body part women ranging in age from 18 or so to 44 dry first after showering, Buster Guru identified that individuals routinely dry one of thirteen different body parts first, such as their face, arms, or feet.

"I was downright shocked by the strong correlation between the body part people dried first and the dominant personality traits they share with others who also dry that part first," Mr. Guru notes. "I'm sure experts like psychologists, journalists, urologists, and gemologists, other self-made life-liver experts, as well as the general public, will be shocked as well."

People tend to dry one of thirteen different body parts first after showering, the report revealed, including: hair, ears, face, neck, boobs, stomach, arms, hands, back, butt, genitals, legs, and feet.

In the full report -- Personality Type Revealed by Body Part You Dry First After Showering" -- Buster Guru provides details on the dominant personality traits (and ideal careers and other insights) for each of these thirteen types.

For example, people who dry their hands first after showering tend to be very controlling on the one hand, but meticulous in the way they dress and even clean on the other hand. And those who dry their backs first after showering tend to be highly creative, but they also have serious trust issues.

"When you see the strong connection between dominant personality traits and what part of the body people dry first after showering," Mr. Guru says, "the potential for application in the personal, professional, and even clinical spheres becomes screamingly apparent."

"For example," Buster Guru continues, "watching what body part a potential date dries first after showering can go a long way toward figuring out if he or she really is dating or even marriage material. And it's a great way for individuals to determine their own ideal careers."

"But also imagine," Buster continues, "potential employers watching what body part their candidates dry first after showering toward determining if they are best suited for the job. Imagine parents closely monitoring what body part their children and teens dry first after showering toward determining what extra-curricular interests, college, career, and love interests to push them toward. The possibilities are truly endless."

See the complete report... Personality Type Revealed by Body Part You Dry First After Showering ...including the 13 types and their corresponding personality traits for more information.

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