Boldly Wear Your Halloween Costume and Never Worry About Carrying Your Valuables Again with StashBandz

Looking for a tricky way to hide Halloween candy? Halloween costumes don’t have pockets, and this factor causes problems for countless people each October. Stashbandz pickpocket proof accessories help hide valuables… and candy loot! The CellPhone Garter, and StashBandz Hip Belt provide wearers with the perfect option for carrying essentials both in day-to-day life and while wearing pocketless Halloween costumes.


Lafayette, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/27/2014 --Every year, trick-or-treaters experience the same problem- how to carry their valuables and essentials without pockets or purses. After all, should Elsa the Snow Queen from Frozen really be carrying a purse? StashBandz has completely reinvented the Halloween costume with two exciting new products: CellPhone Garter, and StashBandz Hip Belt. Visit to see these pickpocket proof solutions.

StashBandz offers highly functional products perfect for carrying and hiding valuables ranging from cell phones and wallets to keys, makeup and more. Founder Catherine Denny explained, “Costumes rarely have pockets for carrying wallets, valuables, cell phones, key and other essentials and they can often look pretty ridiculous bulky purses accessorize a great costume. We have solved this problem. Now it is possible to easily carry all of your essentials without anyone noticing. You can get back to focusing the attention on your costume and not on your handbag!”

StashBandz has earned a reputation for providing cutting edge and savvy solutions for pickpocket proof women’s accessories. All products offer ingenious and novel ways to carry a variety of items and travel light.

The StashBandz Hip Belt is the perfect Halloween costume accessory, as it is designed to fit snuggly around the hips. It contains five pockets specially designed to securely carry and hide valuables including everything from insulin pumps and pepper spray to cash, credit cards and cell phones. The StashBandz Hip Belt is also the perfect way to carry Trick or Treat candy and even hide it when necessary from other treaters. All accessories stay safe and securely attached to the body.

Just as the StashBandz Hip Belt provides ample storage options for Halloween, the same can be stated for StashBandz’s Cell Phone Garter. The Cell Phone Garter comes in 7 different colors from camo to satin and can hold a wide variety of items including flasks, passports, money, phones, lip-gloss and more, without looking bulky.

With these 2 clever, innovative and highly functional accessories from StashBandz, carrying valuables, essentials and Halloween candy just became much easier. Hiding and transporting valuables while wearing a Halloween costume is no longer difficult or cumbersome, thanks to StashBandz’s innovations.

About StashBandz
StashBandz is an innovator in providing useful and creative solutions to everyday problems. Their unique pickpocket proof accessories are ideal for traveling light. Products can be used for a wide range of activities including everything from exercising to catching a plane. With the recent introduction of 2 exciting new products: CellPhone Garter, and StashBandz Hip Belt, StashBandz has positioned itself as a key innovator in clever and savvy ways to both hide and carry a range of essential and important items ranging from cell phones and money to credit cards, keys and more.

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