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The effects of the coronavirus have been felt far and wide, impacting individuals, families, businesses, the economy, the health sector, and more.


Syracuse, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/06/2020 --For those who are facing legal complications, such as family law issues, one of the unique challenges posed by the coronavirus is that it has resulted in the closure of New York's courts. Indeed, all courts in New York are currently closed expect for essential business. If you are in the midst of a family law matter, this uncertainty can be unnerving.

At the Bombardo Law Office, P.C., we want to reassure you that we are open. While we are engaging in strict social distancing measures, we are available to assist clients over the phone or online. We know that with the majority of courts closed, you may be feeling hopeless and anxious about the future.  We are still here working for you.

Get Help with the Family Law Matters Close to Your Heart

Family law issues can be extremely sensitive and emotional, and the spread of COVID-19 and the grief surrounding the disease may only compound anxieties and strong emotions related to family matters.

New York Courts are currently open for essential business. This includes:

Orders Of Protection
Emergency Support Filings

Bombardo Law Office, P.C. is open to provide you with remote support during this time, and can assist with family law matters such as:

Divorce, separation agreements, understanding grounds for divorce, uncontested divorce, and no-fault divorce;

Pre-and post-nuptial agreements;
Alimony and spousal support;
Division of assets and debts;
Marriage annulments;
Child support;
Child custody and visitation;
Creation of parenting plans;
Order of protection;
Modification and enforcement of family law orders, including spousal maintenance and child custody orders;
Establishing paternity;
Fathers' rights; and

If you are struggling with navigating a family law matter on your own right now, please do not hesitate to call our law firm (315)488-5544.

How We Can Help During this Difficult Time

Our team is committed to providing you with support and guidance during this difficult time. We can help you by:

Providing you with an overview of the laws related to your family law matter;
Advising you on steps to take right now, such as gathering evidence, organizing documents, putting together a plan of action, etc;
Refer you to other professionals we know who are still working and may be able to help you (i.e. forensic accountants, child psychologists, etc.);
Draft legal documents that can be filed when courts reopen;
Answer any questions that you have about your family law matter; and
Serve as a resource for information and support during this difficult time.
Call Bombardo Law Office, P.C. Today

If you have questions about a family law matter, don't hesitate to call our law firm or reach out to us online. Courts may be shut, except for essential business, but I am still working hard to make sure that Syracuse has the support and legal guidance needed. To learn more, please get in contact with Bombardo Law Office, P.C. today.