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Book Lovers Make Finding Love in the Sweet Life One of the Fastest Selling Romance Novels on Amazon

Author Diann Dean has become one of the most talked about romance authors on Amazon. Her latest book available as a Kindle download as well as a paperback has got people talking about the two main characters of the book, Emily McCauley and Nick Hawkins. The question at the beginning of the book is are they really right for each other, which will be answered on the final pages?


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/04/2015 --A new romance novel written by Diann Dean titled Finding Love In The Sweet Life has become a best-seller on Amazon, making it one of the most downloaded Kindle books of 2015.

The book is about two main characters, Emily McCauley, and Nick Hawkins and is set in the world of food. What started off as a bit of flirtation over a glass of spilled wine turned into forbidden love. Emily, a partner in a bakery business, found instant attraction with Nick, a food company owner. He found himself pursuing Emily, which him onto a road of romantic struggles while both of their businesses are threatened.

Diann Dean writes in such a way that makes the reader feel they are watching from a far following them every step in their relationship and every struggle they come across. Some people who have bought the book have said they felt they were there with the characters. Other readers said they couldn't put the book down, wanting to know if love could overcome all the problems they faced.

Finding Love In The Sweet Life, which was released in July 2015, has proven to be a huge hit on and off Amazon. One Amazon buyer called Chris said: "This is a page-turner, I couldn't put it down. A love story with twists and turns - my favorite kind! A truly wonderful book. I have already shared this new author with my book club and friends. Looking forward to reading her next book."

Another fan, Kelly Night said: "This is a great love story based on fate with a lot of twists. Along with love, it also had a mystery going on, gossipy tabloids running stories and also jealousy and revengeful actions. It had all the great aspects of a great love story plus more. The author has a great style of writing that almost makes you seem like you are there and are friends with Emily, the main character, too. You almost wanted to reach out and comfort her at times. It's a really enjoyable story to spend the day with!

When the author was asked how it felt to receive so many positive reviews and for her book to be one of the fastest selling Romance books on Amazon, Diann Dean said she was thrilled.

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About Diann Dean
Diann Dean is a hopeless romantic that lives life to the fullest. She earned and Engineering degree and an MBA and held a leadership role in a high-tech world for over a decade. After abruptly losing her job after being acquired by a Chinese company, Diann is finally pursuing her lifelong passion and honed her craft as a romance writer.