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1-Click Book Creation Released to Make Kindle Design a Cinch


Bangkok, Thailand -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/26/2015 --Developed by author Russ Crowley, 1-Click Book Creation integrates with Microsoft Word to make life easier for self-publishing authors. The software application tames the many problems faced in creating an attractive book layout which will behave consistently across all devices.

Those who have published their own book will readily understand the need for 1-Click Book Creation. Those who are thinking about publishing their own book need to take a look at 1-Click Book Creation. Many hours of book layout frustration await new self-publishing authors. When the manuscript is finished, the work has just begun.

Most platforms like Createspace and Amazon's KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) work off of Word. Microsoft Word is by far the most popular document creation program out there. But it's not exactly built to create books. 1-Click Book Creation (http://www.1clickbookcreation.com) narrows the overwhelming number of tools in Word into just the set that a writer needs to create a book that will look attractive and consistent across all devices. Title page, dedication, testimonials, author's page, and table of contents are all handled simply in wizard-type windows with 1-click of the button.

Russ Crowley recently said of his publishing application, "It's never been done like this before. I'm a 20-year Word power user and have been a Technical Author for 17 of them and. after publishing seven books myself, I began work on 1-Click Book Creation last summer. Years ago I experienced many hours of frustration to get tables of contents to look right, and images to embed, so that they would display correctly in the final version, and now I read and hear of many stuggling likewise with the different versions of Kindle. It's like a Chinese finger puzzle combined with a game of Wack-a-Mole. You're stuck spending hours tweaking the layout and once it looks like it's supposed to look on one kind of Kindle, it looks messed up on another kind. My 1-Click Book Creation application solves this problem. No more spending hours on book layout, and no spending money on someone else to create the layout for you."

One review of 1-Click Book Creation stated the following, "And I'm DONE...In about an hour and a half, I went from a draft of text, to a formatted Word document. 4193 words, in 9 chapters. Normally, it would take me about 2 days!"

Another from an author and self-publisher of over 20 books already, said, "The product is so user-friendly and practical that, not only did I grab a copy itself, i staked my reputation on it by adding my testimonial to his salespage."

For those who have never self-published, 1-Click Book Creation offers video training, and all of this comes at a fraction of the cost to have even a single book professionally designed.

1-Click Book Creations works with Word 2007, 2010 and 2013. An add-on for creating print books is available as well.

About 1-Click Book Creation
1-Click Book Creation uses Microsoft Word to make book design simple. Author Russ Crowley developed 1-Click Book Creation after publishing seven books and becoming fed-up with seeing the hours of frustration faced in creating a book layout which looks good and behaves the same way across the many reading devices on the market.

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