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BOSS Accounting Outsourcing Specialists Endorse New Video Released by Best Practice Program

Back Office Shared Services (BOSS), Australia and New Zealand’s top accounting outsourcing provider, endorses a new video produced by the Best Practice Program. Highlighting a first-hand account of the benefits of quality outsourced accounting staff, the video shares how to increase profits and decrease time spent in the office.


Lindfield, NSW -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/22/2016 --Australia and New Zealand's premier accounting outsource provider gives its support to a newly released video from the Best Practice Program. BOSS says the video aptly gives a first-hand account of the benefits of accounting outsourcing. This welcomed behind-the-scenes look comes from Australian accountant Travis Croucher who is more than happy to share the nuts and bolts of his experience. Having benefitted from a 42% profit increase since incorporating outsource bookkeeping into his business, Croucher is just one of the many who are making the shift to virtual accountants overseas.

Possibly the best news for longevity and productivity, the video underscores the ability of accounting outsourcing to decrease actual time in the office. Croucher reports that with 60 to 70% of all of his company's jobs being completed overseas, his actual time in the office has decreased to just over four hours a day. This boon for work/life balance means he's no longer bogged down with having to complete mundane accounting jobs or oversee back office staff. Instead, with seamless precision, work papers are streamlined for him in Excel spreadsheets and templates. With all jobs done in two simplistic stages, time expenditures are minimal and human resources issues are mostly non-existent. Adding to the benefits, while outsourced accountants do the busy work, the business owner is freed up to focus more heavily on the strategic implementations that actually build their clients' businesses.

Lee Court, Client Relationship and Marketing Manager for BOSS said of his company's outsourced bookkeeping services, "Typically finished jobs come back to the client in one week. From there they give them an overview and promptly send them to their customers. Without question, it's the most optimal way for an accounting firm to build their business quickly and without issue."

Depending on what IT system an accounting firm has, BOSS offers a choice of virtual bookkeepers who can work online on a shared network, via the cloud, or offline. BOSS makes the process simple by offering a checklist depending on the type of job to be done. Thus, the accounting outsourcing provider is able to customize the way a job is processed to more closely match their client's methods. For the personal touch, all queries are emailed to an in-house accountant for seamless customer service.

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BOSS is an Australia-based accounting outsourcing provider that supplies part-time and full-time virtual accountants and bookkeepers to supplement accounting staff. Streamlining operations for accounting firms and business owners, every BOSS virtual accountant is fully-trained in New Zealand accounting standards, Self-Managed Super Funds, tax procedures and law. All accounting outsource specialists work in BOSS' overseas offices and never at offsite locations.

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