Bow2tie Launches a World's Safest Personal Alarm for Kids

The Louisiana-based company will release a bow tie shaped unisex personal alarm for kids.


Slaughter, LA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/14/2017 --It is a long-standing problem that children are abused physically and emotionally in school and outside of school. The Louisiana-based startup will launch a new product that strives to solve this problem. The product is a wearable personal alarm device that combines a stylish customizable accessory turning into a personal alarm upon activation with a press of a button. "When a kid is attacked or scared it might be hard to cry for help. That's where Bow2Tie comes in handy. We have created this device after years of research and hard work to help children or anyone who needs help." Said Marilyn-Diana Davis, founder the Grandma Inventor of Bow2Tie Alarm Device."

About Bow2Tie
Bow2Tie is a patent-pending unisex wearable personal alarm with endless features that come in the shape of a bow tie and can be customized for any occasion.

Electronic components of the device include a coin battery, a speaker, a microcontroller, and a LED light. Both the speaker and the light are activated with the press of a button that is hidden behind the front surface so nobody would even guess that a user is wearing an alarm until it is activated. When the alarm is activated 85dB sound and bright flashing light will alert people in the immediate surrounding that you are in distress and you need help. The great feature of the alarm is that sound is loud enough but the sound is completely safe for kids and adults.

The front side of the device has a smooth surface allowing a user to customize the device by a favorite saying or mottos that come with the device. The rotating clip allows a user to attach the device to the variety of places such as shirt lapel, button down shirts, purses, book bags, lunch bags, backpacks, and be used as a hair accessory. A loop on the clip allows a user to use a device as a conventional keychain accessory. LA New Product Development Team has helped Marilyn-Diana in the developing and building of functional prototypes of this device.


The alarm will retail at $14.99 per piece. The device will be available for pre-sales in July 2017 through Kickstarter campaign where the early adopters will have a chance to reserve the device for as low as $10.