BPO Centers

BPO Centers' Agents Enhance Customer Relationships and Increase Retention

BPO Centers is a nearshore outsourcing partner with newly opened headquarters in Los Angeles, CA. BPO Centers specializes in proactive customer support and low-cost solutions that can be customized to fit the needs of any size business. Their experience in working with high-level brands and quality startups is what makes them the best nearshore outsourcing solution. BPO Centers’ agents are well equipped to provide services such as inbound/outbound sales, customer service, back-office work, and so much more.


North Hollywood, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/03/2020 --BPO Centers is hyper-specialized in all areas of customer support, from real-time calls to live chat. BPO Centers prides itself on being an extension of a business and providing the best customer experiences. The highly-trained agents at BPO Centers are prepared to handle most support situations and inquiries, taking a personalized approach to enhance the customer experience. As an extension of any office, BPO Centers is committed to developing a long-term partnership with companies, providing customer support models that will enhance a business for years to come.

The customer support approach that BPO Centers is committed to is unparalleled voice support. Speaking with someone on the phone is still the most meaningful model outside of face-to-face communication. The agents at BPO Centers are accent-neutral, able to communicate clearly, and relate to customers on their level. This allows agents to build deep rapport with customers, solve support tickets effectively, and even maximize the customer-business relationship to generate more sales. BPO Centers' agents will have company-specific solutions for all customer needs. Like voice support, BPO Centers' agents are also very skilled in live chat support.

Live chat support is another skill in which BPO Centers Agents are especially proficient. The live chat support that BPO Centers offers is bound to increase sales, resolve concerns, and maintain loyalty for a brand. Email support is also a crucial part of customer loyalty and BPO Centers agents are there to answer customer inquiries within a timely and professional manner. Agents at BPO Centers are always available by email and provide innovative solutions with cutting-edge email technology and ticketing systems.

About BPO Centers
BPO Centers has expanded with its new headquarters in Los Angeles, CA. The nearshore outsourcing company is experienced in providing customer service solutions that become an extension of a company. BPO Centers agents are well equipped to provide services such as inbound/outbound sales, tech support, customer service, back-office work, and more. For more information about BPO Centers visit BPOCenters.com or call (888) 882-9227.