Bra Inserts Finally Stay Put with Honey Cloudz

Every woman knows the struggle of bra inserts. They shuffle throughout the day, flip over, or even peek out. Honey Cloudz is here to change just that with a form-holding innovation.


Philadelphia, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/24/2016 --Sources report that the women's lingerie market is valued at over nine billion dollars and growing fast (*). With this much money in the market it is hard to defend the flimsy, tan, and finicky bra insert that has become typical. Women need something better. This is where Honey Cloudz bra inserts fill their niche. With a supportive structure on the exterior of the of the bra insert, Honey Cloudz bra inserts retain their shape throughout the day, preventing a variety of awkward situations. Soon women everywhere will be able to enjoy looking the way they want without worry of asymmetric breasts or falling inserts.

The way Honey Cloudz inserts work is through a low-profile silicone texturing. The bra insert is gridded with honeycomb-shaped silicone 'dots', adding structure and support to the insert. These dots are small enough to never show through any covering material, but large enough to provide adequate traction. This patent-pending design has clear advantage over the shifting foam inserts and non-breathable silicone inserts.

Apart from structure, the emerging product has placed an emphasis on personalized fit. To achieve this goal, Honey Cloudz founder Angela Korna? has personally measured over seventy five friends, family, and other participants to create an accurate and clear sizing structure ranging from A cup to H cup. To augment this tailored fit, Honey Cloudz comes in the traditional rounded triangle shape as well as an oval shape and is available with a range of skintone offerings: 6 shades of nude Vanilla Sugar, Latte, Caramel, Warm Chestnut, Cool Walnut and Mocha.

Unfortunately, a product launch of this scope requires lots of capital. To help garner funds, Honey Cloudz has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Patrons can select from a variety of rewards ranging from a preordered set of inserts to a video chat with the founder to create a personalized insert. These values of structure, fit, and quality beautifully come together to enable Honey Cloudz to change the bra insert industry forever.

About Honey Cloudz
Honey Cloudz was conceived by founder Angela Korna?. After an embarrassing insert experience at the gym and witnessing the embarrassing experience of a stranger, she decided it was time for a change. Angela tirelessly worked on the inserts, measuring the bust of anyone up for it to yield perfectly fitting inserts. Today she is excited to be moving towards public distribution and is extremely grateful to anyone who supports her Kickstarter campaign.

To learn more or support Honey Cloudz visit the Kickstarter campaign page.