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Brad Heller of the Heller Approach Featured in Voyage LA Interview

The spotlight was on the founder of prestigious acting school The Heller Approach


Burbank, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/19/2018 --Voyage LA, the flagship publication of Voyage Media, published a February article highlighting Brad Heller, founder and teacher at The Heller Approach acting school. True to its mission, Voyage LA delivers an authentic and personal conversation with Brad about his discovery of acting, and where it has led him and his students today.

Heller describes developing his approach from two sources, Don Richardson, who steered him toward acting without falling back on emotional memories, and Dr. Eda Gorbis, who encouraged him to embrace anxiety to overcome it. Speaking of the experience, Heller said "I was learning how to act at my potential WITH discomfort and distractions rather than trying to avoid them. It was crazy, but the new way I was rehearsing was, for example, practicing my auditions at home with the television on, so that it bothered me, or having people being able to hear me…rehearsing with the windows open, enough to distress me. This was opposite to the old way of rehearsing where I was shutting the windows and creating a "safe" space to practice.

It made so much sense! I mean, when I am auditioning, I am NEVER in a comfortable space, so why rehearse this way? Now, I was practicing and habituating this discomfort, so that when I went to an audition, I had already been exposed to these things, so it didn't throw me anymore when I was hit with something that bothered me. That was really what completely revamped me as an actor."

Heller has passed these methods on to his students, who have enjoyed great success from television to the big screen. Brad has personally worked with such famous faces as Masi Oka and Tyler Blackburn. Judge Reinhold found the Heller Approach so reliable he said, "I never show up for work without working with Brad first. He keeps me real & he points out both my strengths and weakness in an encouraging way that allows me to make the most of every opportunity."

Natalie Distler, seven year series regular on the hit show Rescue Me, is also a happy student of Heller's. "I've trained with many acting coaches in both NY and LA," she notes, "and I have never felt as confident going into an audition as I have after working with Brad. He taught me how to be more present and in the moment. Brad is a wonderful teacher that truly cares and knows what he is talking about." Read testimonials from other students on The Heller Approach website, and read the rest of Heller's VoyageLA interview here.

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About The Heller Approach
"The Heller Approach" is an acting technique taught exclusively by Brad Heller-- an actor, director, and teacher, who taught for 5 years at UCLA before going private. Heller's teachings are based on the works of his former teacher and mentor, Don Richardson, an original member of the Group Theatre, which was the nucleus of acting in the United States. His fellow students were Sanford Meisner, Stella Adler and Uta Hagen, but Don was the only student from the Group Theatre who said, "The Method is NOT what acting is about." We believe he was exactly right!