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Braganza Publishing Announces Book Deal with T.R. Threston, Amaka Nwigwe and Couture Fashion Show Founder Andres Aquino

Travel Fashion(TM) comes together in a unique coffee table book being published by Braganza Publishing, New York, NY


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/08/2013 --Andres Aquino, founder and producer of Couture Fashion Week, along with award-winning luxury travel writer T.R. Threston, and fashion and event photographer Amaka Nwigwe, have signed a contract with Braganza Publishing, Lisbon, Portugal to produce a Travel Fashion (TM) coffee table book.

The book will feature photos from Aquino's Couture Fashion shows, his story and vision for the shows plus interviews with designers, and, stylists; with eye-catching images and guides of how to incorporate that style through fashionable pieces and accessories that are perfect for traveling.

"We're all excited about this opportunity because travel and fashion tend to go hand in hand. Travel Fashion (TM) is a largely untapped market on both the travel and fashion fronts. We hope this book will help bring the two together to give the readers ideas of head-to-toe looks to take with them on trips," said Sofia Braganza of Braganza Publishing.

T.R. Threston, who is known for her straight-forward and trustworthy travel reviews of upscale and luxury travel venues, describes joining with Aquino and Nwigwe as a chance of a lifetime. "I have the utmost respect for both Andres and Amaka, and, I know we're going to create something very special with our respective talents."

"I am very excited about this new project and honored that Braganza Publishing has selected Couture Fashion Week and yours truly to be featured in this book. This publication follows our core philosophy of bringing fashion to the people," says event founder and producer Andres Aquino. "New York has long been a mass-market and ready-to-wear world fashion capital. Since 2005 CFW has strived to make it also a couture fashion destination, showcasing exceptional high-fashion designers from around the world in the Big Apple."

"Opportunities like these and a team like Tina and Andres don't come along very often, so I am both excited and humbled" says Nwigwe, a freelance photographer and fashion enthusiast. The images in our book will entertain, guide and excite, page after page. I speak for all of us when I say that this will be a labor of love and the book will reflect that."

The book release is slated for early 2014. Braganza Publishing has offices in New York City and Lisbon, Portugal. The New York office is located at 375 Park Avenue, New York, NY and questions should be directed to Sofia Braganza