Brainium Core Software and SmartEdge Agile Device Adopts IoT Plug and Play from Microsoft

Brainium reduces IoT software complexity and brings hardware innovation so that software integrators and developers can focus on their projects developed on Microsoft Azure ecosystem


Lausanne, Switzerland -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/06/2019 --Octonion, the developers of the Brainium Core software, announces that its end to end IoT solution, along with the SmartEdge Agile IoT device from Avnet has adopted Microsoft's new IoT Plug and Play. IoT Plug and Play is designed to help software integrators and IoT developers quickly prototype, pilot, and produce end-to-end IoT solutions using Azure IoT certified devices, without the requirement of writing additional code. Brainium delivers a pre-configured edge software architecture with a comprehensive IoT device that works right out of the box, dramatically reducing integration time for developers.
IoT Plug and Play is being unveiled at this year's Microsoft Build Developer Conference, taking place May 6 through 8 in Seattle, Washington. Developers who purchase SmartEdge Agile with IoT Plug and Play will have access to Azure IoT Central, providing resources and tools that allow developers to connect, monitor, manage, and scale their IoT assets.

Streamlining Development for Developers of IIoT
Brainium, SmartEdge Agile from Avnet, and IoT Plug and Play address the different challenges in the marketplace for developers creating IIoT (industrial IoT) solutions. It often requires in-depth knowledge of embedded development to connect to the cloud and send telemetry in a secure manner. It's also difficult for developers to bridge the gap between low-level device messages into meaningful insight, events, and workflows. In addition, hardware sourcing, integration, and ramping to production can take several months or even years for most IIoT projects.

"Octonion created the Brainium Core Software so developers could quickly deliver prototypical IoT and AI-based end-to-end solutions," said Ongan Mordeniz, COO and co-founder of Octonion. "We noticed a huge gap in the marketplace between device skills and cloud skills. The engineers who create devices don't have the expertise to facilitate connectivity, and the developers who integrate connectivity don't design devices. Octonion's solution fills that gap, bridging these two areas of specialization with a single, out-of-the-box product." Mordeniz describes this as the missing link in IoT adoption, and the most time consuming and laborious part of any long-term IoT project.

"The integration that SmartEdge Agile provides is the key to being able to gather data from on-site devices, analyze it, and put it into a meaningful context for users," continued Mordeniz. "The product's AI sensors can conduct automated predictive maintenance, including the ability to track movement, vibrations, and activity for equipment, livestock, or even employees on a warehouse floor. As part of IoT Plug and Play, we'll be able to drive the trajectory of the IIoT market trend forward, where software integrators and developers will be able to scale-up and manage their connected projects quickly, delivering proven, mature AI technology and Security at the Edge in one package."

"Octonion is focused on creating ways to bring sophisticated IoT hardware and software to market faster with simplicity, realizing the potential that the Internet of Things has been promising for years," said Sam George, director, Azure IoT at Microsoft Corp. "Octonion's Brainium Core Software with IoT Plug and Play will help drive widespread adoption of smart devices, allowing developers to incorporate high-performance IoT functionality, leveraging edge computing to achieve AI capabilities and versatile connectivity."

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About Octonion
Octonion is an IoT Intelligent Edge software platform that meets today's complete IoT requirements from the embedded layer to the cloud based services. Octonion was created in 2014 in Switzerland and has since raised €16m from Foxconn (FIH Mobile Ltd), Ginko Ventures, Orkos Capital, Swisscom, and Almaz Capital. Octonion's team has built an unprecedented AI framework and developed an edge computing architecture. Octonion's expertise allows clients to deploy a connected project in 6 months as opposed to the 18 to 24 months currently needed with most other platforms. Its major achievement to date has been the launch of the PIQ Sport intelligence brand with major partners such as Everlast, Babolat, Rossignol, and North Kiteboarding. Learn more about Octonion at www.octonion.com.