Brainwaves-T.U.S V.S. Brainwave Tuner


Chicago, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/23/2012 --Developed by the same company, Brainwave Tuner and Brainwaves-T.U.S® adopt two totally different methods to train your mind in sync with the exact brainwave form to reach altered state of consciousness. In spite of this, both two different brainwave apps have won the same popularity among many brainwave Enthusiasts since their initial release on Android Market.

Nowadays, hundreds even thousands of brainwave apps flood into Android Market. Quite many brainwave apps are just scraped together without any technical supports. However, it do exist some brainwave apps that are dedicatedly and professionally built. Among which, I find two brainwave applications stand out with high popularity and reputation: Brainwave Tuner and Brainwaves-T.U.S®.

1. Similarities between Brainwave Tuner and Brainwaves-T.U.S®
For Brainwave Tuner and Brainwaves-T.U.S®, they have a lot in common. They are published by the same developer – iMoblife Inc. and also with their iPhone and BlackBerry versions.

All the brainwave entrainment tracks within Brainwave Tuner and Brainwaves-T.U.S® are professionally built by brainwave experts. They have years’ experience in making audio brainwave recordings.

Both brainwave apps work by tuning your brainwave in sync with the exact Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta wave provided to reach desired state of consciousness.

2. Differences between Brainwave Tuner and Brainwaves-T.U.S®

(1) Different Technology Applied
Binaural Beats is the method of tuning brainwave that Brainwave Tuner applies. It works by broadcasting two separate frequencies in each ear. The brainwave difference played between your two ears will result in your brain frequency raised or lowered and then tuned to the desired operating stage.

Different from Binaural Beats, Isochronic Tones is the brainwave tuning method that Brainwaves-T.U.S® applies. It utilizes tones of equal intensity, increasing the pulse speed, and synchronizing your brain with the rhythm.

(2) More Convenience for Brainwaves-T.U.S® Users
Because of the different features for Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones, Brainwaves-T.U.S® is more convenient for users to listen since no headphones are required for Isochronic Tones if you feel inconvenient to wear your headphones. However, when you listen to Brainwave Tuner, you must put on your headphones and let the brainwave difference bring you to altered state of consciousness.

(3) More Functionality for Brainwaves-T.U.S®
With a glimpse of the two apps, you’ll find more functions provided by Brainwaves-T.U.S®. Brainwave Tuner mainly includes 3 categories for users to choose, while Brainwaves-T.U.S® contains 7 categories and totally 89 brainwave tracks for users to choose.

To sum up, Brainwaves-Tuner and Brainwaves-T.U.S® are both very effective in tuning your brainwave to desired state. Brainwave Tuner applies Binaural Beats to tune your brainwave; While Brainwaves-T.U.S® uses Isochronic Tones to adjust your brain frequency.

If you like to keep pace with the high-Tech and enjoys the joy brought by professional brainwave entrainments, these two applications should be on top of your selection list. For users who have been used to the Binaural Beats and feel more effective by wearing headphones, try Brainwave Tuner, for those who want to get rid of headphones and feel more comfortable with Isochronic Tones, try Brainwaves-T.U.S®. The choice is yours.


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