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BRAND-NEW E-Book About HVAC for Homeowners Released by Red Star Cooling & Heating

Red Star Cooling & Heating recently released a new e-book for homeowners interested in learning more about their HVAC systems, AC repair needs, and basic HVAC maintenance. The information is easy to access on their user-friendly website, and the team is eager to share their knowledge of heating and cooling.


The Woodlands, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/10/2021 --After starting the company over 15 years ago, it was apparent to the company's owner and operator that there weren't many homeowners out there that knew a lot about their HVAC systems. He was recently recorded during an interview saying, "When I would pull into a location to discuss a simple AC repair, I was really surprised that very few had any idea of what I was talking about. Your furnace, air conditioner, and other HVAC equipment is a major workhorse in your home, not to mention a pretty decent investment. I just think that more people should know what's going on with their appliances."

The brand-new, detailed, and significantly informational HVAC for homeowners guide includes a plethora of data on everything from air conditioning repairs to furnace installations. Because they are a full-service HVAC company, there are resources for both residential and commercial HVAC clients incorporated in the virtual reading material as well.

The crew of qualified HVAC contractors from Red Star Cooling & Heating feel as though they are an authority in the HVAC industry for several reasons, giving them the confidence to publish a useful tool for property owners in Texas and around the country. With their education, training, and years of field practice, they have encountered some of the most intricate AC repairs and some of the most frustrating HVAC repairs possible. One thing about the HVAC company is that they never quit. They have a reputation for being the best in the area, and that's because they promise to provide each customer the results they expect when investing in them.

"We want to be proud to put our name on the HVAC repair, HVAC maintenance, or HVAC installation service we perform. The best way to gain clientele is through word of mouth, and that goes both ways. The majority of our customers are referrals we receive from other previously satisfied patrons. That's a definite indicator that we're doing what we say," one of the dedicated HVAC technicians stated.

One of the grounds for releasing the e-book goes along with the mission Red Star Cooling & Heating has regarding transparency. They know that the reason so many homeowners are duped out of their hard-earned cash is because they aren't sure what's happening. It's easy for heating and cooling professionals to say there are significant issues with a system when the person paying for the upcoming service has no clue what they are talking about. That's how some of the more dishonest heating and cooling companies make their profits.

Some of the most straightforward AC repairs are included in the book. There are quick and easy solutions to problems that may not warrant the requirement to call in a professional. At the very least, a homeowner will be more comfortable troubleshooting the problems they see or hear before reaching out for a 24-hour AC repair. It gives the customer power, and shifty HVAC contractors can't trick people out of their cash either.

The specialists from Red Star Cooling & Heating prefer to show up to a jobsite and meet people that have some confidence in what to expect from their HVAC contractor. They are one of the few locally owned and operated businesses that give their patrons the personal attention and time required to make an informed decision. Instead of only offering one option for air conditioning repair, they will outline several different choices. They know that what is feasible for one household might not hold true at the next.

All the HVAC services available from Red Star Cooling & Heating are outlined in the new book, and there are several DIY fixes for those interested in taking on smaller projects independently. Everything covered in the new online resource is guaranteed to be modern, well researched, and accurate.

Are you a property owner that would like to brush up on your HVAC maintenance or AC repair skills and abilities? Even if you're just curious about what's included in the e-book, you can find it by visiting the Red Star Cooling & Heating website at Or you can call to chat with an expert virtually from there, or you are more than welcome to text or email for more information or to schedule an HVAC service.

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Red Star Cooling & Heating is a family-owned and operated HVAC company in The Woodlands, TX. After founding the heating and cooling company in 2006, the business has extended its service areas to Dallas and Austin's surrounding regions, including all the neighborhoods nearby and in between. The licensed and qualified team of HVAC professionals offers all services relating to heating and cooling from 24-hour AC repairs, air conditioning installations, and AC replacements. Furnace services, heating repairs, and air filtration and purification are part of what's available. A friendly and knowledgeable customer care specialist can answer questions over the phone and dispatch technicians at all hours of the day and night. They urge anyone dealing with an AC repair, heating problem, or another HVAC emergency to call their office right away.