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Brands Can Quickly Animate a Character with Mango Animate CM

Mango Animate will allow brands to animate a character with the launch of a new software program, Mango Animate character animation maker.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/03/2021 --Set to launch in the near future, Mango Animate character animation maker will be an excellent tool for brands to represent themselves in the digital space. This new software allows users to animate a character that businesses can use as a marketing instrument. Mango Animate CM will even be compatible with Mango Animate's previously released software, so there is no limit to any vision or idea.

One of the most notable features of Mango Animate CM is that users can animate a character from a PNG or PSD file. That means anyone can upload any image of a person or an animal and add bones or edit poses to begin the animation process. This feature is great for a brand that already has a character or a mascot representing it, but is interested in adding some excitement to their images.

For brands that are just starting out or may not have a character to work with, Mango Animate CM makes starting a project from scratch simple. Users can choose to animate a character template, which can be fully customized to embody a brand's message. The characters' clothing, accessories, hair, eyes, skin, shoes, mouth, and much more can easily be edited within the program. Motions can also be dragged and dropped into the design, so characters can act out various scenarios discussing a product or service.

Mango Animate CM delivers superior-quality animations by implementing an Ik (Inverse Kinematic) feature, which allows character movements to be conducted logically. This way, brands can animate a character that audiences will resonate with due to their real nature. When viewers have something human-like to relate to, they will be more likely to connect with a brand and its message.

Once an animated character project is completed, brands can quickly share their creation to all of their social media platforms. Their Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok followers will instantly be drawn to the character, leading them to the product or service offered. With Mango Animate CM, anyone can animate a character with confidence that it will spark interest.

"Mango Animate character animation maker can benefit practically any industry that is looking to boost their brand awareness and attract customers. Plus, anyone can animate a character with no experience necessary, " says Selena Lee, chief designer at Mango Animate.

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