Brazen Arc

Brazen Arc Is an LGBT Exclusive Production Company on a Mission to End Stereotyping Against the Community


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/17/2016 --Brazen Arc, the all new LGBT exclusive production company aiming to end decades of stigma and stereotyping against the community, is live on Indiegogo and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Brazen Arc is led by industry insiders that have blazed the way in club entertainment, television production, adult entertainment, and LGBT activism.

"It's time that we started writing our own stories. We shouldn't rely upon networks, and studio executives, to tell others about us," says co-founder and producer Dean Sage, "It's time that we started telling everyone about ourselves."

With a successful campaign, Brazen Arc plans to launch their first three shows and will also help to solidify the community and the future of LGBT entertainment.  Brazen Arc's stories cover all aspects of the LGBT community; the sexy, the funny, the pain, the anguish, the diversity, and the drama. Brazen Arc is the only media outlet that aims to promote the LGBT community in the real environment, without outside influence, and industry censorship. With Brazen Arc Productions as a player in the industry, no one is going to silence the truth of the community any longer.

"The Impact of Brazen Arc and our Productions is monumental.  We live in a pivotal era where so much confusion and stigma filters the media.  With our shows and direct to internet production, there is a much larger audience than traditional media," says co-founder Aleyona Starr. "Audiences that are struggling daily with their identity, and their own future.  Without positive art these people will continue to be help to the mainstream stereotypes and misguidings.   We live in a time where so many countries and areas are on the brink of LGBT inclusion and what better way to help promote equality than through equality driven media."

Brazen Arc's first three productions will be Houseboys, The Gay Agenda, and Corporate Bargaining. The production company will also host a podcast currently in circulation called GSC Podcast, hosted by Dean Sage and Brendan John. The Starr Report, a podcast hosted by Aleyona Starr will cover what's hot in the LGBT community, the drag scene and beyond.

The Brazen Arc LGBT Production Company crowdfunding campaign is currently live and available to support on Indiegogo:

About Brazen Arc
Brazen Arc is the media production company for the new era. Focusing on LGBTQ content that is neither biased or censored, and revealing the real community through various mediums. Focusing on reaching target demographics from all ages by utilizing a universal based character universe, and broadcast mediums including Streaming, Video, Cable, along with New mediums like Facebook, Periscope, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram. Allowing our shows to be the most interactive ever produced. With years of script planning and designing Brazen Arc is ready to entertain the masses.