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Brazilian Activewear Company Liquido Expands to North America


Asheville, NC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/17/2014 --The Brazilian activewear company Liquido, maker of high-­quality and affordable fitness attire and swimwear, has launched a North American branch, based in the mountains of western North Carolina. For fans of the company’s head-­turning and unique fashions, this partnership between Asheville yoga teacher Amanda Hale and Liquido Australia founder Renata Facchini means no more $25 international shipping for the bold, colorful leggings that have become a must­ have for the active, confident woman.

Hale, a mother of four and former retail manager of Asheville’s largest yoga studio, took one look at the rave reviews and bold patterns of the Liquido line and immediately set up a wholesale account, which, she would soon learn, was the first in the U.S. She waited impatiently for the order to arrive from Australia, slipped on her first pair, and fell in love.

Though she had had no trouble finding yoga wear in interesting patterns, Hale hadn’t yet found a line that was as comfortable and durable as it was beautiful­­ until Liquido. Their entire line, including their signature leggings, is meant to move with the body and easily transition from studio to street. No low­ rises, no constricting waistbands, and no thick seams to snag. The fabric is both light and full­ coverage, and all the clothing is meant to hug your every curve while making you feel fabulous and confident.

“I love that the essence of the name Liquido is water, or flow­­ and to be in the flow of life means to meet all experiences with more acceptance and less resistance, to be present and open to possibilities,” said Amanda Hale, Liquido Director, North America.

That connection to the brand turned out to be fortuitous. Soon after Hale’s initial order, the two women struck up a long ­distance friendship, and though the Australian distribution of Liquido began just a year ago, Facchini’s business down under was booming ­­with plenty of revenue coming from the U.S. Within months, Facchini and Hale were discussing how to bring Liquido to North America. The rest is history.

Asheville, North Carolina, is the perfect location for this innovative company’s North American headquarters. Nestled in the mountains, the city is a mecca for outdoor sports and yoga enthusiasts. Hale has heard from customers who’ve worn Liquido clothing while rock climbing, hiking, cycling around town, to Crossfit, and for any activity imaginable. Thanks to the eye­-catching prints and quick­-drying fabric, there’s no need to change for a night out on the town.

“Funky is the new black,” said Hale. “With Liquido, women can feel confident embracing the bright side!”

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