Validated Automated Screening Technolgy

Breakthrough in Monitoring Convicted Terrorists in Prisons and Parole

Releasing convicted terrorists can now be done safely and with confidence.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/05/2020 --The UK prison and parole system has a huge problem in how firstly how to release convicted terrorists and secondly how to monitor them post release. Do they intend to commit further atrocities, are they planning an imminent attack, have they been further radicalised post release or are they sleepers? These are the questions that must be answered for each and every convicted terrorist. We have the solution and urge the government to take up our scientifically validated technology, VAST.

VAST is a British company that has invented an automated screening device that can be deployed to rapidly screen large numbers of people. It is ideally placed to screen convicted terrorists before release as well as monitor post release behaviour and intentions.

The technology has been scientifically validated by Kings College, University of London. It is based on polygraph technology which is already recognised and used by the Probation Service.Our system is currently being used with great success by Kent Police as a screening device,to monitor sex offenders post release. It has also been purchased by the Internet Crimes Against Children task force in America, where they are using our technology to protect children from harm.

VAST is an extremely powerful investigative tool that is accurate, cost effective, can be used in any language including sign language and the participant does not even need to speak as it is based on a recognised known polygraph technique called silent answer.

The VAST system would be very effective with terrorist suspects prior to release from prisons and to monitor their adherence to their parole conditions. As well as indicating current behaviour the VAST system can also be used to indicate future intentions.

The advantage of the VAST system is that it requires very little training and can be easily deployed in any offender management organisation throughout the UK. Its use would drastically reduce the danger of releasing determined terrorists as well as monitor their behaviour post release.

As stated VAST is currently being used successfully by Kent Police to manage the risk of sex offenders within this region. The trials have been extremely successful in identifying individuals who pose a risk to the community post release.

We realise that uptake of new technologies by government organisations is difficult but in view of the grave danger posed by the release of radicalised, convicted terrorists I would urge you to look into our ground-breaking scientifically validated screening technology, it can save lives.

Pat Mellody
Director of Validated Automated Screening Technology
VAST Screening Technologies Ltd
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