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Breathe Intelligent Cigarette Launches Multi-Colored Wat Hookahs the Uses Liquid Flavors Instead of Cartomizers

Breathe Intelligent Cigarette is known for its liquid flavors. Breathe launches a Wat Hookah that uses liquid flavors instead of cartomizers. High quality flavors are a competitive advantage for Breathe Intelligent Cigarette in the E-Cig industry.


Boston, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/05/2014 --Breathe Intelligent Cigarette announced the launch of its premier product, the Breathe Wat Hookah, a mini hand held hookah hose that fits in the palm of your hand. The Breathe Intelligent Cigarette Wat Hookah is compatible with a series of Breathe tanks that customers can choose from. Berry Rock has been one of the flavors that have separated Breathe Intelligent Cigarette apart from companies like V2 and Blu.

"Our Berry Rock flavor tastes natural because it comes from the highest quality of ingredients in the world," says Bill Huff, Chief Operating Officer.

Breathe LLC has opened a strategic plant in China that gives its US based operation some significant strategic advantages. One is the ability to build brands within the Breathe LLC family through OEM. The other is being able to deliver premium products for its customer base worldwide. The launch of the Wat Hookah poses a threat to companies such as Starbuzz and V2 who have entered the e-cig market but are not as aggressive in the Hookah market segmentation. This gives Breathe a market advantage.

Features of the Breathe Wat Hookah include: 1300mAh battery, dual coil bottom load pro tank, and usb charger. The thread matches the ego/510 and also makes a water sound when inhaled. This unit is compatible with any tank and is available in a variety of colors. The difference with this hookah is that it uses liquids as opposed to cartomizers.

"The wat-hookah is unique because it comes with a clearomizer that is used for liquids. Most of the traditional hand held hookah’s work with cartomizers. Plus, the water sound when you inhale gives it a unique and true experience," says Tyler Glover, Chief Executive Officer.