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Brentwood, TN Chiropractor Introduces Latest Special for Discounted Deep Tissue Massages

Premier Family Chiropractic introduces new special offer for affordable deep tissues massages


Brentwood, TN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/15/2016 --Dr. Quinn Uzelman and the staff at Premier Family Chiropractic recently introduced a new special offer for patients to receive discounted deep tissue massages. For a limited time, patients who purchase three or more deep tissues massages will receive 10% off of each massage. This offer is just one of the ways that Premier Family Chiropractic is helping to make quality and affordable chiropractic services available to their patients and new specials are posted on the practice's Facebook page monthly.

Deep tissue massage is a technique used to apply deep pressure to muscle tissues in efforts to realign the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues. This technique can be effective for patients who struggle with chronically tense or contracted areas like sore shoulders, stiff necks, or tightness in the lower back. Deep tissue massage physically breaks down adhesions, or painful bands of rigid tissue, that block circulation, cause inflammation, and limit movement. Dr. Uzelman and his staff use deep tissue massage to treat conditions such as chronic pain, postural problems, osteoarthritis pain, fibromyalgia, and to also help patients heal from injuries or repetitive strain injuries.

When used with proper chiropractic techniques, deep tissue massage has shown to be highly effective in helping patients reduce their pain and return to optimal health. The goal that Dr. Uzelman and his staff have at Premier Family Chiropractic is to give patients the resources and techniques that will help their body promote its own healing for improved health and wellness. They specialize in drug-free and non-invasive treatments for balancing the musculoskeletal system.

Dr. Uzelman and his staff treat a variety of conditions at their Brentwood, TN office. Some of these include, but are not limited to sports injuries, disc herniation, carpal tunnel syndrome, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, spinal stenosis, fibromyalgia pain, sciatica pain, and auto accident injuries. Dr. Uzelman creates custom treatment plans for each patient depending on their unique situation to give them the best chance of returning to health and living their life to the fullest.

About Dr. Quinn Uzelman
Dr. Uzelman is originally from Saskatchewan, Canada and spent several years as a college athlete in the U.S. This experience has given him unique insight into the important role that chiropractic plays in overall health and wellness. Following his college sports career, Dr. Uzelman attended Prestigious Life University in Atlanta, Georgia, where he completed his chiropractic education.

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