Bright!Tax Wins Second Prestigious FEM Expat Tax Provider of the Year EMMA Award in 2017 in Hong Kong


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/12/2017 --Leading US expat tax services provider Bright!Tax has been named Expat Tax Provider of the Year for the Asia Pacific region at an exclusive awards ceremony in Hong Kong, in front of runner up global titan EY (Ernst and Young).

The announcement follows Bright!Tax being named Expat Tax Provider of the Year for the Americas region in May.

The EMMA awards are arranged by the Forum for Expat Management, the worldwide global mobility and expat services community hub, and the EMMAs celebrate excellence in these fields.

Bright!Tax's unprecedented achievement and increasing global dominance in international tax services is thanks to several trail-blazing, industry-leading innovations that the firm has introduced in the last year to make the potentially onerous process of filing US taxes from overseas simpler and smoother for expats.

These include the introduction of a secure online client tax organizer that makes providing the information required for tax returns much easier, and the launch of a mobile app offering clients smooth communication with their CPA and the ability to securely scan and upload documents from their phone or tablet. These and other innovations are singling Bright!Tax out as the stand-out thought leader in the field of expat tax services, and explain why Bright!Tax is leaving its longer-established rivals in its wake.

The award was announced at a glamorous gala dinner at the Harbour Grand Hotel in Hong Kong.

Gregory Dewald, lifelong entrepreneur, Bright!Tax founder and CEO, and the mastermind behind the firms meteoric rise to market dominance has innovated by creating technological solutions to make expats' lives easier, while also emphasizing the importance of maintaining interpersonal, human interaction and empathy between clients and their accountants despite their often being geographically distant.

Dewald said: "We are humbled and honored to receive this second EMMA award in 2017. We are quasi-obsessive in the pursuit of offering a world-class, stress-free experience for our expat clients, and recognition of the success we feel we are achieving in this endeavor thanks to this new EMMA award is a prize our whole dedicated and talented team thoroughly deserves."

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