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Bring in 2016 with a New Years Resolution That Works

Make 2016 The Happiest Year Ever by Adopting Happy Habits


San Diego, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/28/2015 --Today InspiredWork LLC, the publisher of the acclaimed book Happy Habits: Energize Your Career and Life in 4 Minutes a Day announced the Happy Habits Method™ as a new and effective way to do New Years resolutions.

"Happy Habits are a real breakthrough because 92% of us have failed to make New Years Resolutions work, according to Forbes," said Vicki Morris, founder of and author of Happy Habits, Energize Your Career and Life in 4 Minutes a Day. "Like others, I had failed many times with New Years resolutions until I discovered the Happy Habits Method™ which is based on proven habit creation techniques by Stanford University's BJ Fogg."

Here are 10 reasons why the Happy Habits Method works better than traditional New Years resolutions.

1) The best way to improve a person's life is to change things one does every day. With the Happy Habits Method, people will be picking three things they do daily that they want to change.

2) 40% of everyone's day is run by habits – activities done on autopilot, according to research conducted by Charles Duhigg in his book The Power of Habit. So, changing daily habits is the place where people can have the most impact and make the most meaningful changes. For example, if someone learned a bad or unhealthy habit, then they can learn a happy or healthy habit instead. With Happy Habits, the focus is on creating positive habits, which is more effective then trying to eliminate bad habits.

3) To change a habit permanently, it takes 40-66 days according to the latest research by James Clear and others not just 21 days. So, people need a plan or New Years resolution that is at least 8 weeks long to ensure their success. The Happy Habits Plan is designed to help adopters achieve permanent habits because it is 8 weeks in duration.

4) Since it takes at least 8 weeks to form new habits, most people need a strong reason why they want to make a change. With Happy Habits, each person sets an intention as part of the Happy Habits Planner.

5) Many people fail with New Year's Resolutions because they try to take on too much. Happy Habits works because adopters only have to do 4 minutes a day. The shorter daily commitment enables them to stick with their resolutions. Once they have established permanent happy habits, they can always extend the time and build on their success.

6) People are more likely to succeed if they have shared accountability for their New Years Resolution. With Happy Habits, participants register their three habits weekly for free with and then receive emails every day to confirm whether they completed their habits/tasks.

7) It is helpful to focus a New Years Resolution on who each individual wants to BE versus what he or she wants to HAVE. For example, it is more effective to set an intention to be happier and feel more energized this year than to set a goal to lose 30 pounds. By focusing on the reason someone wants to lose weight – wanting to feel more energized in this example, the person can be motivated to make better daily decisions (and create happier and healthier habits) around his or her mindset/emotional well-being, nutrition and exercise thereby increasing the likelihood of success. The Happy Habits Planner includes a place for each person to create an intention.

8) Any plan including a New Years Resolution works best if it is personalized. With Happy Habits, adopters select three Happy Habits from a list of 40 energy-raising habits and then they also select triggers or reminders that work within their schedules. Using relevant triggers helps people remember to complete their daily mini-energizers and turn them into permanent habits. This best practice is based on Stanford University's BJ Fogg's methodology for creating habits successfully.

9) Many people take on new things at New Years because they want to be happier. If they focused on being happy first in the present moment and inside themselves, then they would have a better chance of being happier versus pursuing something outside of themselves in the future.

10) Many New Years Resolution plans don't work for most participants. Happy Habits has worked for 98% of people who have completed the 8-week program.

InspiredWork is pleased to announce that the Happy Habits audiobook is now available. In addition, InspiredWork has lowered the price of both the Happy Habits eBook (from $7.99 to 2.99) and the Happy Habits paperback book (from $14.99 to $9.99) so that more people can adopt Happy Habits as a new and better way to do their New Years Resolution and make 2016 their happiest year ever.

Here is a list of book formats, prices and links where the book is currently available.

eBook/Kindle: $2.99
Available on Amazon

Paperback: $9.99
Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Audiobook: $14.95
Available on Audible and iTunes

About InspiredWork
InspiredWork™ is an online job search training, personal branding and career transformation company that helps professionals create their own inspired work and brand so they can be happy at work and love their life. InspiredWork is the publisher of the Happy Habits: Energize Your Career and Life in 4 Minutes a Day book, which is written by Vicki Morris, Career Happiness Coach and Founder of

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About Vicki Morris (the Author of Happy Habits)
Vicki Morris is the Career Happiness Coach, founder of and creator of the InspiredWork™ Career Transformation System, blending twenty-five years of experience as a high tech hiring manager, inspirational business leader, brand strategist, career mentor, and spiritual practitioner. InspiredWork helps professionals raise their energy with Happy Habits and create their own inspired work and brand so they can be happy at work and love their life.

Prior to InspiredWork, Vicki was the founder and CEO of a global marketing agency. Before that, she was VP of Marketing at several Global 2000 and Inc. 500 software companies. Earlier in her career, she launched Java at Sun and was awarded the President's Award. Vicki started her career at Oracle, while completing her MBA at the University of Chicago. She also has a Bachelor's degree in Foreign Service from Georgetown University. During her career, Vicki published numerous articles and presented at conferences in more than 30 countries.

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