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Bristl Science Dual Mode Light Therapy Electric Toothbrush Funded on Kickstarter in 4 Hours


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/30/2018 --Bristl's Kickstarter campaign was 100% funded in just 4 hours– the more the numbers climb, the better the company can provide optimum oral health. Bristl combines proven science of light therapy with sonic vibration to improve oral care. The company also offers a subscription service to replace brush heads, so having the best oral health is also convenient.

Bristl Science began its campaign on Kickstarter on Monday, March 26th at 9am (PST).

The combination of the following features, convenience, and style make for true market disruption.

Gum Health

Visible Red light (620–750 nm in wavelength) has been clinically proven to heal gum tissue and prevent inflammation. The same technology is often used in skincare; Bristl is bringing it to the everyday tooth brushing routine.

Kill Bacteria

Visible blue light (450–495 nm in wavelength) has been clinically proven to kill and prevent oral bacteria that causes gingivitis and other gum disease. This safe and natural blue light is proven to be effective, and Bristl is proud to bring it to market.

Get Rid of Plaque

Bristl has three sonic vibration modes: regular, gentle, and off. Sonic vibration is recommended by dentists as it has the highest cleaning ability without damaging gums. The brush head is also particularly designed to reach in crack and crevices while letting light pass through the bristles.

A Few Stats

According to a study published in the Journal of Periodontology and Implant Science (Vol. 44: pp. 280-287), Bristl's technology (even with only red light) was effective in achieving the following:

86% reduction in bacteria that causes destruction of tooth supporting tissue
117% improvement in PPD (Periodontal Pocket Depth) which indicates gum health
80% improvement in CAL (Clinical Attachment Level) which is another metric for gum health

About Bristl Science
The Bristl Science team consists of a group of innovators and scientists looking to use advanced technology to improve everyday lives. While they, of course, wish to build a successful business, they are doing so responsibly; Bristl has committed to donating a percentage of every sale to America's Toothfairy to provide underserved children with dental care. Whether a customer or an underserved child, they're on a mission to maximize oral health everywhere. This is just the beginning. The Bristl Science team is committed to work tirelessly to innovate and build products that improve lives, maximize health, and promote good. The Bristl light therapy toothbrush is just the first step toward a healthier future.

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