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British IT Recruitment Agency Glocomms Is the Preferred Recruitment Partner to a Number of World-Leading Companies


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/23/2020 --Smart hiring decisions have the power to be transformative for any business today. Glocomms is a British IT recruitment agency working with individuals and organisations across the tech sector making key connections that allow people and businesses to thrive. The firm was established in 2013 and has grown alongside the tech industry in the UK, both in London and in other major cities such as Birmingham and Manchester. Today, it is the preferred recruitment partner to a number of world-leading companies as part of the Phaidon International group and is at the centre of carefully nurtured global networks of talented people keen to help businesses tackle the challenges that the industry faces every day.

Working with such innovative and forward thinking clients means Glocomms is committed to investing in its own infrastructure, in particular when it comes to the latest in recruitment technology. Consultants receive best-in-class training and, as a result, this team of bright, passionate people are specialists at what they do. In-depth insight into the tech recruitment market in the UK is combined with a global perspective that comes from being part of a network of international offices that includes bases in key tech hubs, such as San Francisco and Berlin.

This dual approach allows Glocomms to support clients and candidates in making smarter choices and optimising the recruitment process, from source to hire. "Glocomms helps to solve the number one challenge – talent," commented Luis Rolim, Group Marketing Director at Glocomms. "We work to provide quality British IT recruitment agency services in the UK and have had significant success in helping companies to recruit the best talent."

As a specialist British IT recruitment agency, Glocomms has reach that extends across the country, from London to cities in the Midlands - such as Birmingham - and locations in the north including Manchester. The firm is dedicated to redefining how recruitment works and making hiring a more productive, effective and straightforward process for all of those involved. The firm also offers additional services to all those that it partners with, including ensuring that any changes that could impact the future of work and affect the hiring process are clearly communicated to the community.

In challenging and changing times, it is the quality of talent that can determine how resilient a business is and how well it can cope. While this places considerable pressures on companies, hiring managers and professionals within the tech sector it also provides an opportunity to create a brighter future for an organisation via the hiring decisions that are made today. Glocomms UK helps enterprises within this sector to find the talent that they need to go on driving game changing innovation and exploring new perspectives that could positively impact all of our futures.

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Glocomms UK works with businesses across the tech sector in the UK – and internationally – redefining the way that recruitment is handled. The firm's unique and comprehensive approach allows organisations to make smart hiring choices and build resilience and innovation into business structures via robust recruitment.