Shows Support for Bullied Fans in Latest Gestures participated in several anti-bully campaigns including an exclusive interview with Dr. Goldbarg. The community shows their support for all bullied fans of the show with their recent gesture.


Commerce Twp, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/23/2014 had recently participated in several anti-bully campaigns including an exclusive interview with Dr. Goldbarg. This gesture speaks out the company’s support for fans of the show, My Little Pony, that are bullied by other people due to their patronage. The company hopes that this will spread a positive message across bronies who have difficulty in showing their love for the show due to social pressures and gender issues. A brony is aptly defined as a male fan of the show My Little Pony. The animated TV show about bright colored ponies was originally intended for girls. Hence, male fans of the show were often ridiculed and teased because of their unconventional preference. This issue escalated to bullying and straightforward disgust by some people. Recently, the story of a boy in North Carolina garnered considerable attention as he was bullied for being a fan of the show and the action that the school did to handle the problem. Grayson Bruce, a 9-year old boy, experienced bullying in his school for carrying a Rainbow Dash backpack. To counter the bullying, the school reprimanded Grayson and forbidden him to wear his backpack as it was a trigger for bullying. The bullying and the school’s response to the problem have caught the ire of many people due to its controversial nature. Sadly, this situation happens a lot especially to young male fans. Even adult fans suffer online bullying for declaring their love for the show.

The company believes that a lot of bronies worldwide suffer unfair treatment and bullying that is why it is important that associations such as theirs step up in supporting the fans. posts helpful articles and tips to help fans fight against their bullies. There are also communities that host conventions where fellow bronies can meet one another and show their support for MLP without fear and shame. Visit and learn more about their anti-bully campaign.

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