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Brooklyn Mold Removal Co. Releases Report on Downsides of Bleach and Mold


Brooklyn, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/25/2013 --The statement that bleach kills mold is nothing more than an urban legend that has its origins from years of mold disappearing when sprayed with bleach. However, the fact is that just because it disappears, it does not mean that it is gone. There is no doubt that bleach is definitely a powerful oxidizing agent and capable of sanitizing a wide variety of surfaces, it is not a product that will eliminate cases of mold on the surfaces in your home.

The active ingredient in bleach is sodium hypochlorite, which is extremely effective in ridding surfaces of the discoloration that is caused by mold. However, it will leave behind the micro flora that will allow the mold to return in the exact same place when the surface becomes moist or inviting for the mold.

The reason that bleach is ineffective for killing mold is due to the fact that mold develops roots into a home’s wood, drywall or other surfaces. These root structures are called hyphae and left unaffected by bleach because the ion structure of bleach will not allow it to penetrate into the porous surfaces that the roots have attached to. Instead the bleach remains on the surface of the mold covered area and never actually reaches the enzyme roots that are save and protected beneath the surface.

One of the most telling factors that bleach will not kill mold is the fact that it is not an EPA approved or registered mold killing agent. Verify this when purchasing any type of mold removal products container, if there is no EPA registration number on the bottle, which means it will not effectively kill the mold. Bleach is often recommended for ridding homes of surface mold, however, understanding that the condition will likely return within a few weeks should be cause for concern.

The simple fact is that killing the mold at its roots can save time, money, negative health affects, and effort. Additionally, if the mold becomes too severe it may cause health problems for those in your home.

"Killing mold with chlorine or bleach simply does not work, while you may see the surface stains removed right away, the micro flora is still present, which means that the offending mold will return without proper treatment", stated Motty Katz of Five Boro Mold Specialist INC. Mr Katz continued, "We at Five Boro Mold Specialist utilize EPA certified, natural, and organic mold removal products that treat the mold at the source, effectively preventing mold from growing back".

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