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Brooklyn Mold Removal Company Helps with Toxic Mold Growth from Superstorm Sandy

New Mold Removal Fund Offers Help New Yorkers Devastated By Hurricane Sandy Mold in and Around Brooklyn, NY.


Brooklyn, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/25/2013 --New Mold Removal Fund Offers Help New Yorkers Devastated By Hurricane Sandy in Brooklyn, NYC

Thousands of families across New York are in a constant struggle with their insurance companies over damages caused by Hurricane Sandy. Many have found their insurance companies taking advantage of certain loopholes allowing them to deny home owners insurance claims over small print details. Insurance companies are labeling Hurricane Sandy as a super storm, which conveniently is not covered on the typical home owner’s insurance contracts. New Yorkers are finding it difficult to receive guidance and help with their problems.

Mold growth is causing serious damage to the homes that were flooded resulting in millions of dollars in repairs. FEMA has been collaborating with other agencies to bring aid and supplies to those affected the most throughout the northeast and the IRS have implemented tax breaks for those affected. While help is available, the help offered is restrained. FEMA covers flooding and mold damage repairs to homes; however, it only covers up to the flood line. Meaning any additional damage caused by mold is not covered by your insurance company and is sole responsibility of the homeowner.

As a result of hundreds of declined insurance claims, many are forced to pull from out of pocket or apply for personal loans to handle the costs associated with water damage and mold removal. Homeowners are seeking the help of professional mold remediation companies to irradiate the mold and make the homes safe again. With thousands of owners needing Brooklyn mold removal, it is no surprise that homeowners are becoming unsuspecting victims of scam artists looking to cash in on their desperate situations. It is advised to thoroughly research any company offering mold remediation and water damage repairs.

As a way to help the community and provide assistance to those in need, Motty Katz and his team of professional mold removal specialists have set up a Charity Event to sponsor those affected by flooding and mold damage. The “Hurricane Sandy Toxic Mold Relief Fund” is available to low income families who are unable to afford the expensive costs of remediation. Applying for help with Five Boro Mold is as easy as filling out a form on their website. Over 50 families have already been helped by Motty Katz and his team with many of the staff offering their time and labor for free.

Motty Katz made a statement regarding mold companies looking to cash in on the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. “While all natural disasters bring calamity, there is no need to prey on helpless people especially in their time of greatest need”, states Mr. Katz, “there have been reports of companies that are acting as professional mold remediation companies, collecting down payments, and literally leaving property owners basically high and dry- which is upsetting to me and to say the very least.”

People that have been affected by mold from Hurricane Sandy flooding and looking for help irradiating the mold growing throughout their homes, Contact Motty Katz of">Five Boro Mold Specialists at