Brytlyt GPU Database & Analytics Platform Is Named a Finalist in TM Forum Excellence Awards 2018


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/28/2018 --Brytlyt GPU Database and Analytics platform today announced that it is a finalist in TM Forum's 2018 Excellence Awards in the Disruptive Innovation category. The Excellence Awards program honors the world's leading companies for their innovative achievements spanning digital transformation, business and IT agility, customer centricity, cross-industry partnering and collaboration, and product and service innovation.

TM Forum's 2018 Excellence Awards attracted nominations from leading communications service providers, suppliers, and vendors from around the world. An annual awards program in its twelfth year, the Excellence Awards highlight companies that demonstrate a commitment to the evolution of the industry through digital transformation, adoption, and suite of best practices and standards that TM Forum delivers through their Collaboration Community.

Brytlyt GPU database and analytics platform, the fastest GPU-powered database platform in the market, according to independent benchmarking, is transforming how data is getting analyzed and utilized by Telcos today. By combining its patent-pending IP with Graphics Processing Units (GPU), Brytlyt helps analyze multi-billion row data in milliseconds.

Whether the issue is polling smartphones, assessing customer metrics, optimizing network infrastructure or monitoring network usage and capacity, Telco's today are using Brytlyt to help detect fraud in real time, monetizing subscriber data, and even increasing customer retention in a myriad of ways.

Brytlyt is being used by Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to help solve some of the Telecommunications Industry's biggest challenges. CSPs today face the challenge of polling smartphones to assess a variety of customer metrics, but that would have taken hours to run. With Brytlyt, these same queries can now be completed in milliseconds and rendered instantaneously, allowing service providers to quickly identify the cause of problems.

The biggest hurdle for GPU Database vendors so far has been to figure out how to achieve parallel processing when it comes to joining data. Establish a relationship between different sets of data is critical to meaningful analytics. The traditional approaches were designed years ago for single-core CPUs and are not well suited for the hundreds of thousands of cores in a GPU system.

Brytlyt is the only vendor in the market to solve this hurdle through its patent-pending method that recursively separates rows of data containing important information from rows that do not. This IP allows data processing operations that are not important to be identified and immediately excluded from the process. The result is a super-efficient, super-fast approach that can be run in parallel and on GPU.

"Congratulations to Brytlyt for the TM Forum Excellence Awards 2018 in the Disruptive Innovation award," said Nik Willetts, CEO, TM Forum. "Brytlyt and other finalists are at the forefront of our industry and are accelerating digital transformation across diverse ecosystems, delivering groundbreaking solutions through collaboration and open innovation. The leadership of these members continues to cement TM Forum's critical role in navigating the ever-changing digital ecosystem landscape."

"We are delighted to be a finalist in the TM Forum Excellence awards. It's truly a marvel of our engineering team; they are the true innovators by making GPU Databases a reality for companies looking to get millisecond response times on billion row datasets for even the most complicated of queries," said Richard Heyns, CEO of Brytlyt.

TM Forum will announce the winners of the Excellence Awards during a special ceremony at Digital Transformation World on Monday, May 14th, 2018. Winners will also receive recognition during the opening keynote perspectives session on Tuesday, May 15th, 2018. The TM Forum Excellence Awards 2018 are judged by an independent panel comprised of leading industry and subject matter experts.

About Brytlyt
Brytlyt's GPU database and analytics platform, with patent-pending IP, harnesses the power of Graphic processing units (GPU's) to transform data analytics and visualization of large datasets. The Brytlyt analytics platform includes Brytlyt Database and SpotLyt interactive visualization platform. Data Scientists and Analysts use Brytlyt GPU Database software to get real-time insights for massive datasets, a performance that is not possible with CPU-based solutions. Brytlyt software runs on-premise and on Amazon Web Servers.

Brytlyt has recently partnered with MariaDB to integrate its GPU storage and query processing technology with MariaDB Server – enabling everyone in the MariaDB community to analyze billions of rows in milliseconds using a single GPU.

Brytlyt's GPU accelerated database, with its patent-pending IP, features:

- Astonishing Performance: Brytlyt GPU database and analytics platform is transforming the way businesses use data. With Brytlyt, companies can query multi-billion row datasets in milliseconds.

- Easy integration with existing systems: Businesses can accelerate current investments in code, analytics, and visualization with Brytlyt with little to no effort.

- Smooth scalability: Businesses can add and remove GPU resources at will, scaling their processing capability to suit their needs and massively reduce data processing costs.

- Functionality-rich & easy to use: Brytlyt supports both PostgreSQL and MariaDB with deep functionality that is complemented by outstanding ease of use.

- Additionally, Brytlyt now offers its own visualization tool, SpotLyt, that sits on top of the database, providing real-time interactive analytics for billion row datasets. Brytlyt is an out-the-box solution for any company looking to get immediate performance gains from their data.

Visit Brytlyt at or follow Brytlyt on Twitter @brytlytdb. For more information or to evaluate Brytlyt, email

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