Brytlyt Launches Spotlyt 2.0, an Interactive Analytics and Collaboration Workbench to Query and Visualize Billion Row Datasets in Real-Time

Spotlyt 2.0 now includes BrytMap, a web mapping server (WMS) that has direct access to the same GPUs BrytlytDB uses, for real-time map tile rendering, filtering, control of visual elements and more on billions of data points


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/03/2018 --Brytlyt, developer of the fastest and most advanced GPU database technology in the world according to independent benchmarking, announced today the release of Spotlyt 2.0, a GPU-accelerated visualization and collaboration workbench that can be used as a stand-alone solution or as an add-on to a company's current visualization technology.

Spotlyt allows data scientists and analysts to collaborate and interactively analyze billion row data sets in real-time, helping them discover correlations and anomalies in ways previously thought impossible. Using Brytlyt's advanced GPU-accelerated rendering engine, Spotlyt can render billions of data points onto a map in milliseconds.

Spotlyt 2.0 now features improved usability, a full SQL editor, unique collaboration functionality, additional charts and graphs, and enhanced geolocation mapping.

Included with Spotlyt 2.0 is BrytMap, a proprietary web mapping server (WMS) that includes features such as server-side tile rendering, filtering, control of visual elements, and much more, all on billions of rows of geospatial data and in real-time.

"Using SpotLyt 2.0, data scientists and analysts can now access real-time insight on billions of rows of data for time-sensitive business-critical decisions. In today's data economy, data-driven decision making is fundamental to improving the bottom line and shareholder value," said Richard Heyns, Founder, and CEO of Brytlyt.

Spotlyt 2.0 comes ready to use out-the-box for immediate use on Amazon Web Services (AWS) using EC2 P2 instances for both demo and licensing purposes at the AWS Marketplace.

Brytlyt's GPU database acceleration technology, with its patent-pending IP, features:

- Astonishing Performance: Brytlyt's GPU-accelerated database technology is transforming the way businesses use data. With Brytlyt, companies can query multi-billion row datasets in milliseconds.

- Easy integration with existing systems: There's no need for businesses to give up their current investments in code, analytics, and visualization. Instead, they can accelerate them with Brytlyt with little to no effort.

- Smooth scalability: Businesses can add and remove GPU resources at will, scaling their processing capability to suit their needs, ensuring they can massively reduce data processing costs.

- Functionality-rich & easy to use: Brytlyt is built on PostgreSQL, and its deep functionality is complemented by outstanding ease of use.

Brytlyt is an out-the-box solution for any company looking to get immediate performance gains and actionable insight from their data.

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