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Buddhism YouTube Channel Launched Providing a Series of Short Entertaining Videos on the World of Buddhism

Buddhism Explained in Series of Short, Entertaining Videos. The YouTube channel has become a popular way for people to learn about the true nature of Buddhism


Tainan, Taiwan -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/28/2016 --A new YouTube Channel has been launched to teach people the wonders of Buddhism. The Buddhism YouTube channel was launched by Walter Winfield and provides short informative, entertaining videos about one of the oldest religions in history. Since being launched (, the Buddha Bits Channel has become a popular resource and one of the most recommended YouTube channels dedicated to Buddhism.

As stated by Wikipedia Buddhism encompasses a variety of traditions, beliefs and spiritual practices largely based on teachings attributed to Gautama Buddha, commonly known as the Buddha. However, trying to find a dedicated site or set of videos to learn more about Buddhism can be frustrating, and that's why The Buddha Bits Channel was launched on YouTube.

Walter Winfield, who has studied Buddhism for more than 30 years, has made learning about the religion easier and fun. He has put together entertaining videos that provide people with the information they need to learn more about Buddhism. While other videos can seem like a lecture, Walter has put together 15 short, entertaining videos, which are around 3 minutes long.

He said: "Most people won't sit through a 40-minute talking head video. I wanted Buddha's teachings to be more accessible."

Winfield spent several months writing and creating a series of animated videos. The videos are on YouTube at the Buddha Bits Channel. The channel is complemented with a Facebook page, a Google+ page, as well as an eBook sold on

A sampling of viewer comments at YouTube:

"A great channel! The videos are so simple though so informative and with a beautiful layout! You should have billions of people following you!"

"This channel deserves a lot more attention, it is very helpful."

"Could you make more videos please?" "I am totally introducing my friends to you guys."

The videos present Buddha's teachings in a secular manner, allowing the viewer to utilize the information as he or she may see fit. "While many people accept Buddhism as a religion, Buddha's teachings transcend religion and can be useful to anyone whose goal is to be happy," said Winfield. "It is my hope that these videos will help people."

Walter said: "Buddha Bits currently consists of 15 videos. With the overwhelming viewer response, I am currently considering creating additional videos."

visit the Buddha Bits channel on YouTube, please visit

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Walter Winfield Jr retired following a 25-year career working in non-profits in the United States. He and his wife currently live in Taiwan.

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